Goddess Green Juice with Rainbow Chard




Green juice Goddess! Yes, this is my beautiful mother who’s been juicing for the past six months and is well into her seventies. She is a picture of health and radiance and has lost several pounds too. Each morning she trawls her local supermarket in Stockholm to find the best green vegetables for her big daily juice. Talk about poster girl for the Green Swede!

This morning our juice took on a slightly earthy colour as we had a variety of rainbow chard in the house (red/yellow/purple) which needed juicing. Rich in vitamin A, K and C plus jam packed with minerals and protein, chard is a valuable green leafy veg to include in your juicing ritual. Did you know that Vitamin K is essential for bone density and is often referred to as the forgotten vitamin? The highest concentration of Vitamin K can be found in fermented foods such as Natto but green leafy veg are very important as well.

Swiss Chard can be juiced, sautΓ©ed and generally used the same way as spinach – just make sure you consume it quickly after buying as it is highly perishable.

Green Goddess Juice with Rainbow Chard

5 rainbow chard leaves

3 stalks celery

3 kale leaves

2″ ginger root

2 small apples

1 lemon, peeled

3 romaine leaves

1 cucumber

Hope you enjoy! x

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