The Green Swede Juice Cleanse

Why cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a wonderful way to reboot your system if you are feeling lackluster and low in energy. Toxins in our food and environment interfere with our body’s way of detoxifying naturally and an overload of junk food, sugar or alcohol can make us feel lethargic and bloated – not to mention playing havoc with our skin. The Green Swede juice cleanse is an ideal and quick way to change all that. Don’t think of this as a diet, instead you are giving your liver and digestive system a temporary rest from all the hard work it is under on a daily basis.

The cold pressed juices and nut milks in your pack will keep you satiated without involving your body’s digestion system, thus giving your body a well earned break to focus on detoxing and flushing out what’s in your system already. The reboot will invigorate your system and bring vital nutrients and enzymes into your systems quick. To reach optimum health and capacity we recommend that you do a regular cleanse every 3-4 months


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 Read on to find out what you can expect from your cleanse…


To maximise the benefits of a juice cleanse we advice that you prepare as you mean to go on. This means you have a diet consisting of mainly fresh organic fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. Avoid processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and dairy as much as you can. In addition, try to avoid external toxins as much as possible as what we breath in (aerosols, perfume etc) and put on our skin (chemically laden body lotions, soaps etc) all end up in our bodies to be broken down and flushed out.

By preparing the body properly for the good nutrients you’ll be ingesting for the next few days, you’ll get a better result as a consequence. Although you may be tempted – try to avoid any pre-cleanse binging and endeavour to schedule your cleanse when life is calm-ish and not in a crazy phase as you may be more inclined to fall off the wagon. Preparation and the right mental attitude is key here and once you’ve completed the cleanse we are convinced you’ll love the result.

Note: We are not medical professionals so if you have any underlying medical conditions then we’d recommend you speak to your doctor prior to embarking on a prolonged juice cleanse, as gentle as it may be. Don’t undertake a cleanse if you are pregnant, nursing or have any other health issues or are on a lot of medication. You may benefit from our regular juice boxes instead whilst still consuming solids and wait with a cleanse until your situation has changed.

During your cleanse

Be proud of yourself for preparing to do something that is going to be truly beneficial for both body and mind. Make sure you don’t have big events planned during the cleanse and take the chance to really look after yourself. Book a massage, enjoy a long bath with some Epsom salt or take a nap if you are able to. Be kind and gentle with yourself. You’ll find everything you need in your juice box which means you don’t have to prepare anything yourself. A great way to start your day is to do a short meditation to prepare yourself mentally for the challenge ahead.

What’s in a Green Swede Juice Cleanse Box?

  • Lemon. We will provide you with a lemon so that you can begin each morning with a cup of warm water and lemon for detoxification purposes and to kick start your digestion. Don’t use hot or boiling water as the alkalising and anti oxidant benefits of the lemon will be ruined. Warm is best.
  • The juice cleanse. 18 bottles, 500ml juices and nut milks  (you drink 6/day) delivered in one go. We have numbered them so that you know what to drink when but feel free to do what works best for you. We recommend drinking a bottle every 2-3 hours to make sure you don’t feel hungry and make sure you drink lots of filtered water and herbal teas in between. Do take it easy and rest as much as possible during your cleanse. You may experience tiredness and/or headaches, which is a sure sign that toxins are leaving your body. This phase will pass but if you are unsure or worried we are here to support you.
  • Herbal teas. It is crucial that you drink as much as possible during your cleanse and we encourage you to have plenty of filtered water to hand as well as a range of herbal teas. In your cleansing box we will provide you with a selection of herbal teas that are naturally decaffeinated that you can use throughout the day. Feel free to supplement with any other herbal teas you have at home as long as they are not caffeinated.


Once you’ve compled the cleanse, you’ve done your body a real favour. Your body will be at its optimal capacity for absorbing nutrients following a cleanse and the kindest thing to do would be to feed it clean foods such as organic fruits and vegetables. Hopefully you will have been inspired to keep up with regular juicing, organic clean foods such as green leafy vegetables, legumes, pulses plus lots of beneficial herbs and spices. This is the beginning of a new amazing you.