Green Juice Changed My Health


How I started.

Juicing has changed my life and my health. Simple as that. I started on a friends’ recommendation a few years ago and noticed a big difference right away. I had more energy (like lots more), less bloat and no colds. Flu and tummy viruses seemed to not take hold any longer despite having two kids who regularly brought bugs home from school and nursery. And, best of all, hovering as I was on the brink of being Peri-menopausal at the time, my hormones chilled out. Can’t argue with that! Continue reading “Green Juice Changed My Health”

A few of my Swedish things…


Us London Swedes have it good. If we get home sick there are plenty of places we can go to have ‘fika’, our Swedish word for sitting down for a while and having a cup of coffee, maybe a cinnamon bun whilst chatting to a friend. So important do we think this ritual is that we even invented a word for it. What’s not to love? Continue reading “A few of my Swedish things…”

A lunch box with bells on


You know that feeling when you are heading out and about in the morning without any care for where lunch is going to come from and certainly not prepared enough to bring something good/healthy/nutritious with you in a smart lunch box. And then sitting down with a dry shop bought sandwich only to watch your colleague devour the best part of her/his fridge neatly collated into a lunchbox filled with such yummies as avocado/quinoa/hummus/beetroot/beans/seaweed etc. You get the picture and yep I’ve been there too. Continue reading “A lunch box with bells on”

Juice for health, Juice for life

Recently I have heard of many success stories relating to long-term juice fasting and detox. Everyone has their own reason for undergoing what may be quite a challenge – not eating solids for 15 or 30 days takes some doing after all. But for some, juice fasting may be the last in a long line of attempts to solve a stubborn problem.
Continue reading “Juice for health, Juice for life”

Stress busting seaweed salad with sweet potato and figs


Where I grew up in Sweden you went to the school which was closest to your house. Everyone knew how it worked and therefore there were no surprises when you came of age to move on to the Swedish equivalent of secondary school. Those who lived in my area went to the same school – job done! Here in England, on the other hand, things are not so straight forward. My children are preparing for a change of schools next year and the closer the date looms, the higher my stress levels soar. There are so many options, so many roads which they can travel, all with different benefits and concerns and it feels quite impossible to know what to choose. Continue reading “Stress busting seaweed salad with sweet potato and figs”

What to do when life takes a stressful turn…


At times life hands us challenges which we may or may not deal with optimally. As much as we would like to be more logical, optimistic and perhaps slightly more methodical when facing our demons we sometimes fail spectacularly. In short, when stress enters the room things can get out of hand quickly. Continue reading “What to do when life takes a stressful turn…”

Get out! The benefits of exercising outdoors.


By Emma (new GS fitness blogger)

Ok, I must admit that I’m not always the best at taking up the outdoor running challenge. On cold days when it’s pouring down with rain the last thing I feel like doing is heading out for a run in the park. On the contrary, it feels much more inviting to pop into my local cafe for a frothy latte and a good chat. You know the feeling. Continue reading “Get out! The benefits of exercising outdoors.”