Crunchy salad with creamy chilli and turmeric dressing

My lovely friend G always jokes about getting enough roughage from his diet – it’s a standing joke now. But the meaning of the word fibre has gone out of fashion in the healthy food narrative these days. What a shame! Fibre is key to lots of imortant functions in our bodies, like feeding our gut flora – our gut bacteria needs fuel, just like we do. Not eating enough fibre can lead to  chronic illness and obesity. But equally, eating a lot of the right sort of fibre can prevent it. Continue reading “Crunchy salad with creamy chilli and turmeric dressing”

Home-made Kimchi


How nice to be back, it’s been a little while since I last wrote…

As were moving towards the end of Summer, we’ve been lucky to have had a mini heat wave here in London. A couple of days ago we spent a glorious afternoon on the veranda of a beautiful houseboat near Hampton Court in Surrey. It was baking hot, boats were passing, kayaks were paddled and all the kids were splashing about in the river. It was pure bliss. Continue reading “Home-made Kimchi”

Friday Raw Boost – Vegan and Gluten Free

imageHappy Friday Everyone! We’ve had a solar eclipse over London today which was a bit of a non-event. Too much cloud and not much to be seen but quite exciting even so. Will have to wait until 2026 for the next one. Continue reading “Friday Raw Boost – Vegan and Gluten Free”

Sesame Veg Pot


Is lunch time your Achilles heel? We all have times in the day when we are tempted by junk and for me it is definitely at lunch. Whether you work in an office environment or write books at home – lunch time creeps up on us until we are so ravenous that we’ll grab the first thing that promises instant gratification. Often a big, fat sandwich!
Continue reading “Sesame Veg Pot”

Party Hummus


If you are hosting drinks and nibbles in these festive times it could be nice to know that you can be in charge of your party food. Hummus is one of those essentials that you can easily overlook. You assume it will be at your ready in the shop, only to find that the world was thinking the same thing. Don’t panic! Do a GIANT batch of home made hummus a few days before your event (hummus will last at least four days in the fridge) to ensure you have one less thing to worry about. I still find it amazing that a bag of dried chickpeas become something so delicious. Continue reading “Party Hummus”

No Noodle Pad Thai with Cashews


I love any food Asian – Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Japanese – it is all good in my book. Their ample use of fresh herbs, tangy marinades and nut sauces are so wonderfully fragrant and tasty. As I’m always on the lookout for new recipes with a twist, i.e. gluten free or meat free, I immediately fell for this No Noodle Pad Thai recipe by inspirational blogger Cookie+Kate. Even die hard gluten lovers are sure to enjoy this dish as a crunchy side or main course.Totally vegan (if you replace the honey for dates/maple syrup) and a great way to ensure you keep up with your nut intake too. Continue reading “No Noodle Pad Thai with Cashews”

Top 10 condiments

condiments 2If you, like me, are trying to live life a little healthier it can sometimes be useful to re-cap on those must have condiments to keep at home at all times. Nothing worse than being mid flow in creating some new exciting green recipe only to find out that a key condiment is missing  from your larder. Below are my top 10 that I use constantly. Added to your fresh veggies, fruits, grains, nuts and seeds you can create almost anything and most of them can be found in regular super markets or your nearest Whole Foods.

No 1. Rapeseed oil (cold pressed) better for cooking and frying than olive oil as it can take high heat/salads/roasting/baking. Super rich in Omega 3.

No 2. Extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed) we all know how good this is with everything!

No 3. Apple cider vinegar (organic, raw and unfiltered) great in salads or as a tonic on its own. My Swedish granny used to take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before bed. She was convinced it helped with her arthritis and indigestion.

No 4. Coconut oil (organic and extra virgin) Can be used in any cooking as it can take high heat and also as healthy fat in smoothies, sauces (instead of butter) or on your skin. Solid form when kept in room temperature but turns into liquid quickly when hot.

No 5. Herbamare by A. Vogel. We’ve used this herb salt since I was a kid and it is still my favorite. It gets sprinkled onto everything and give you a gentle savory flavour due to the sea salt and organic dried herbs. Avocado crackers with lemon juice and sliced tomato, topped with Herbamare, is a daily indulgence.

No 6. Himalayan pink salt – supposed to be much healthier than regular salt due to its additive free nature, hand harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas where it was formed millions of years ago from ancient unpolluted seas. I’ve found an alternative use – mix it with coconut oil and use as a facial scrub!

No 7. Organic Tahini – creamed sesame seeds. Great in dips and sauces. One of the main ingredients in hummus which tastes fantastic when homemade.

No 8. Organic Almond butter – use in baking, in smoothies, spread onto hot toast. Yum!

No 9. Miso paste – we have miso soup A LOT in our house and a tub of it does not last long. I buy it at the Japanese supermarket together with a selection of dried seaweed. At home you just add a teaspoon of miso paste into a bowl, add hot water and a teaspoon of dried seaweed. Let sit for 5 minutes until seaweed uncurls. If you like you could add a handful or cubed tofu to the broth to make it more of a meal. Miso paste can also be used in dressings or spread onto fish before grilling in the oven.

No 10. Crushed chilli – I put this into most green dishes and sauces to add a  little spicy kick!!

Happy Tuesday everyone x