Green Kitchen Stories is a wonderful and inspiring website with many vegan and vegetarian dishes shot in the most beautiful way. Their videos are simple to follow and beautiful to watch too. Highly recommend it!


The Foodmatters initiative has grown beyond the tv channel for healthy eating that it was when it started. Jam packed with films and videos on nutrition,  with health tips and recipes, there is no end to the content on this site. James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch have created an amazing site which I use almost daily.

Who does not love Deliciously Ella. Love her recipes, love her books, love her personality and zest for sticking to the path of goodness. Uber successful yet humble and full of good ideas. Enough said.

Kris Carr is the pioneer who started the entire juicing and healthy eating bonanza we are living today – without her there would be no Greenswede. Her amazing book Crazy Sexy Diet opened my eyes to how important food and juicing really are to our health and wellbeing. A cancer sufferer in her 20s, she turned around her depressing diagnosis to change herself and the world by putting nutrition before drugs. Still so current and wonderfully inspiring too. A BFF type of girl we’d all like to know.

The Thruth about Cancer is a ten part series that really opened my eyes to the business behind pharmaceuticals and how profit often come before nurture and cure. The advice and behind the scenes look at those that have chosen alternative ways of treating serious illness is really very interesting and unique. I urge all to watch this and be armed with alternative views to what may be ‘conventionally sound medicine’.