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Over the years I have been flirting with healthy eating and drinking but it was only when I suddenly became a single parent, with two young children, that healthy eating stopped being a hobby and became an important way of life.

As a Swede with a German mother I was exposed to the importance of vegetables, nutrition and juicing from an early age. My mother was a staunch vegetarian throughout my youth and my German relatives were doing juice fasts to recalibrate in times of excess long before it was trendy. I decided this concept needed revisiting as I found that being a mother in my forties with young children, living in London, had started to take its toll.

We all want to head into middle age feeling fitter and healthier, have more energy and improve immunity. But how many of us are prepared to change our daily habits? Only by doing something different can we expect different results. Yes, it does take a bit of effort in the beginning. You have to familiarise yourself with new concepts and perhaps invest in a juicer and/or blender. You also have to get used to buying more fresh vegetables and choose your sources carefully.  New habits are hard to form until they become regular habits – no matter what it pertains to.

I consider staying fit and eating healthy my unofficial health insurance, prevention instead of cure really.  The result is that I have tons of energy and hardly ever get ill. I decided to write the Green Swede blog to share stuff that has made me feel better in the hope that it could make others feel better too. Here you’ll find lots of delicious recipes for juices, smoothies, salads and soups as well as top tips on staying on-piste when life goes crazy. We should spread the love and all that…

The thing I know is this. When I stop juicing/eating healthy I feel sluggish, lethargic, bloated and ill. When I start juicing again I feel better. I’d love to hear about your green journey and things that have made a difference in your life. Get in touch and let me know!

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  1. Jenysha

    Hi Birgitta,

    I found you via Herfuture and I just looked at your website and love everything that you’re about! Sorry I couldn’t find another form of contact 🙂

    I’d love to set up a time to chat to talk about how we can help each other if you’re looking for ways to expand your practice.

    jenyshawellness at gmail dot com

  2. Gabriele

    Siitting in Garmisch, near Staudacher Hof, after big peppersteak, have great few to the Ziugspitze, and think about a green smothie tomorrow.
    A big hug from your auntie who like sometimes meat.😀

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