Anti-aging serum


I have been adopting a natural skin care regime for about a month now. I started just before Christmas in a quest to stick to only natural skin care for two weeks. Well, Christmas got in the way and although I promised to report back on my findings I was preoccupied relaxing with the children and house guests. 🙂 In any case, I can safely say that it has been a wonderful experiment and I don’t think I will ever buy a face cream again – natural oils and aloe vera is it for me from now on. And as I learn and progress I’ll report back to you via my  Greenswede blog, Facebook and Instagram. Watch this space! Continue reading “Anti-aging serum”

Love Avocados


“The name avocado comes from an Aztec word meaning ‘testicle tree’ because the rounded fruit grow in pairs”

-Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon

Apart from green leaves, avocados feature A LOT in my household. Avo toast is the favorite and most reliably filling breakfast/snack ever when you need something a bit stodgy. Use gluten free bread or any sort of cracker that you are comfortable with. Top with tomatoes and a generous sprinkling of herbsalt and black pepper. Or do a Gwyneth (from cookbook, It’s all good) and spread some vegenaise (like mayo but without the egg) underneath sliced avocado and topped with vegsalt and chili flakes. The possibilities are endless but the important bit is that an avocado a day will make your bod just that little bit happier. Here’s why: Continue reading “Love Avocados”

Detoxify Today


Today I’ve had mainly juice, water and a boat load of herbal teas. It was an instant decision this morning – nothing planned – as I felt I needed a detox. It’s not been that hard really, I mean I know I’ll eat tomorrow so we’re not talking a month’s fast here. My fridge was brimming with veg so I knew that as soon as I felt hunger I simply made myself another juice. This time around I also ended up with other colours but green. The carrot/ginger/apple combo featured felt like a naughty treat – carrots are just so sweet and delicious.

For those needing a radical overhaul, however, I recommend watching the UK juice guru, Jason Vale’s, new documentary ‘Superjuice Me”. In it he takes 8 peeps in need of big change to his juice sanctuary in Portugal. For 28 days the experiment entails nothing but drinking fresh juice, combined with a bit of light exercise such as yoga, walking and swimming. The volunteers are overweight, ill and most in chronic pain. Their results are quite remarkable and sets them up for a brand new life. I recommend it wholeheartedly, click here to watch.

I wish you a really lovely evening. x