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I’m just back from the fantastic London #blogfest 2014, organised by Mumsnet, and I must concede I feel on top of the world. It was just incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by hundreds of enthusiastic bloggers from all over the country who were just like me, mostly mothers with a message to share (although there were some dad bloggers there too). Amazing keynotes and educational breakout sessions made sure we left filled to the brim with new inspiration and an even fuller goody bag. The pouring rain on the journey home did nothing to dent our spirits.

And how is this for a strong speaking cast; Sarah Vine, Beeban Kidran, Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, Susie Boniface, aka FleetStreet Fox, Tim Dowling, Anita Anand, Suzanne Moore, Camila Batmanghelidjh, Francesca Martinez, Paul Armstrong, Nick Hornby, Harriet Lane, Lynn Barber, Rachel Joyce, Lisa Jarmin and Lucy Porter. Phew… Absolute overload of amazing peeps who shared their public and private stories. The tone was one of intimacy – this was not a forum for showing off but rather to share nagging doubts and insecurities. And I’m talking about the star studded panel! The key message for me to carry forward? That whatever you do – be authentic. Time and time again the topic of authenticity popped up. Everyone agreed that whether a journalist, author, blogger or diary keeper, it was you own personal flavour and passion that would be your rocket fuel to the moon. If you are not excited about what you are writing, chances are no one else will be either.

On a more sober note, it is a shame that seminars, conferences and public events are riddled with junk food. Coffee and cake at every interval and not a juice or healthy option in sight. By the end of the day, I was on caffeine overload and under nourished of real food. Next time I’ll propose a Greenswede stall with fresh green juice and healthy snacks for all the lovely delegates to ensure they stay piqued and perky.

As a consequence today has been a slow reboot day with green juice, coconut porridge and plenty of herbal teas. Our afternoon juice session was sensational and I now feel back to normal. Here is today’s juice recipe:


5 large leaves of kale

3″ piece of ginger root

1/2 celery

1 large broccoli stalk

1 whole cucumber

2 small apples

Coconut water

Recharge complete! x

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