Children’s Breakfast Granola


Here is a surefire winner in the breakfast department at our house. Home made granola. Yes, some batches are better received by the children than others but complaints are generally due to nuts/seeds not being ground up enough. Overall, it is a staple that we are all happy to eat daily. Add to it some creamy organic greek yoghurt and am happy knowing my kids have started their day with nutritious seeds, nuts, fats and gluten-free grains. It is also a fun thing to be making together on a rainy day. My daughter loves finding pretty jars for our granola that we can put ribbons onto and display (proudly) in the kitchen. Continue reading “Children’s Breakfast Granola”

Cinnamon Granola


I’m a bit obsessed by the smell of cinnamon buns – it’s a Swedish thing. There is something so wholesome and soothing about these spiced buns that conjure up memories of childhood, baking and the knowledge that all is well in the world.

And that is why this cinnamon granola has been such a game changer in our family. I can’t remember being so excited about something edible that isn’t green for a long time but here it is. As a mainly gluten free household, the kids sometimes bemoan the loss of cereal. Cereal used to play a big part on our breakfast menu in days past but it has now been replaced by gluten free bread, eggs and natural yoghurt with honey. Still, I could see where they were coming from. Continue reading “Cinnamon Granola”