Start your day the porridge way

There is nothing like the promise of a new day. Each morning when you wake up, you have a choice of what you want your day to be like. We have unlimited creative power to choose what works and what doesn’t. We don’t have to be trapped in unsatisfactory situations, instead we can transform our lives overnight. How liberating! Continue reading “Start your day the porridge way”

Top 3 Christmas Juices



It’s easy to get totally carried anyway during this time of year. Lovely, scrumptious temptations are everywhere we look and it is hard to stay on the straight and narrow with drinks parties, mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas flavoured coffees all around us.

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May you kick off this week in style

I have just returned from a very fun weekend skiing in Norway. It was desperately cold (-25C) and intensely sunny with scenery so breathtakingly beautiful it reduced us to silence on a daily basis. For anyone who’s never been, I can highly recommend it. But as we all know when it comes to skiing, sooner or later you end up at the after ski party where even the most responsible mother of two can end up dancing on tables. I can highly recommend that too. This post, therefore, is all about recharging your batteries and infusing your body with nutrients that may or may not have been lost in Scandinavia. What better way to do that than to bypass digestion altogether and indulge in some potent juicing this week.

The Green Swede Recharge Juice contains many vital minerals and nutrients including beetroot (protein, zink, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium plus plenty of vitamin A and C), ginger (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and a great digestion aid), lemon (anti-oxidant, vitamin C and an alkaliser once in the body) and carrots (vitamin A, B6, potassium, copper). It is an instant revitaliser that will recharge and help your body eliminate toxins whilst replacing lost nutrients.

The Immunity Booster Shot (taken from Anna Ottosson’s book ‘Halsodrycker) is an intense winter cold buster, packed with plenty of ginger, turmeric (potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory whilst containing high levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium), orange (vitamin C), lemon and black pepper corns (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial). Drink this as spicy as you can take it until you start to feel re-energised and back to normal. A little goes a long way and the idea is that you drink a small amount (a shot) of concentrated ingredients that really hits the spot.

Why don’t you try one of the juices below in addition to or in place of your regular green juice. I hope you enjoy them. Happy Tuesday! x

Recharge Juice

1 Beetroot

2 Carrots

1 Lemon

2-3 cm Ginger root

Ginger and Turmeric Shot

2-3 cm Ginger root

2 cm Turmeric root

1 Lemon

1/2 – 1 Orange

8 Black Peppercorns

Juice all ingredients and drink immediately. X






Little Juicers


So here it is! I’m a mother, a devoted juicer, sometimes vegan and most of the time a conscious eater.  My children? Not so much. I cook mainly with organic vegetables, meats and dairy and  I also use gluten-free bread, pasta and flour. However,  all goodness is hidden – otherwise they don’t want it! Yes – no ‘conscious’ eaters here. I hide pureed veggies in sauces, I pretend the toast is normal when it’s gluten-free, the coconut yoghurt is served as ‘normal’ yoghurt, the pancakes are made with almond flour and coconut etc. The truth is that my children would run a mile if they were told to drink a green juice. Go figure!

Luckily my daughter’s friend stopped by yesterday and look excited when I brought out the juicer and the kale. ‘I love kale’ she said. My daughter almost fainted. ‘You LOVE kale?’ she inquired shocked and in disbelief. Fast forward 20 minutes and sure enough they were all having a ‘toast’ with green juice which I managed to get a picture of. It may be the last time it happens. The friend loved the juice, my children gagged. I think I need to put a bit more apple in next time but I’m going to persevere – seeing a friend eating/drinking something is obviously 100 time more effective than me asking. So there you are… Happy Wednesday! x