Rest is underrated


When faced with indecision, boredom, stress, worry or major life choices, the last thing we do is to run for the meditation cushion and seek stillness. Instead we google, weigh up our options, talk to friends and research ad nauseam about what may be the right next step. Often the future concerns us – will my children do well, will I get that job, where is the money going to come from, where should I live, is there a better life somewhere else, am I liked? In the end we are sick and tired of our own ongoing inner dialogue but we don’t know where the off button is. Continue reading “Rest is underrated”

Be You

Apart from this being one of my favorite Oscar Wilde quotes it is also one of the truest lines ever spoken. In our never-ending quest to become a better version of ourselves, or even someone totally different, it is easy to feel funky about our flaws and foibles. Perfection seems unattainable yet who wants to be perfect? What makes me uniquely me and you uniquely you rests solely with our various idiosyncrasies. Our projection of life is the direct result from years of subjective filtering – no one can take the lead role in our lives apart from ourselves.
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