A lunch box with bells on


You know that feeling when you are heading out and about in the morning without any care for where lunch is going to come from and certainly not prepared enough to bring something good/healthy/nutritious with you in a smart lunch box. And then sitting down with a dry shop bought sandwich only to watch your colleague devour the best part of her/his fridge neatly collated into a lunchbox filled with such yummies as avocado/quinoa/hummus/beetroot/beans/seaweed etc. You get the picture and yep I’ve been there too. Continue reading “A lunch box with bells on”

Power Lunch


For all of you who regularly nip into the nearest coffee shop to grab a sandwich for lunch back at the office desk – this post is for you.  Why not try BYOL or Bring Your Own Lunch? It is a healthier and often cheaper way to go about that crucial mid day fuelling exercise which so easily finishes with a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar if we’re not careful.  Continue reading “Power Lunch”

Fennel and Avocado Summer Salad


Finally sun! It may or may not have been the coldest and greyest of springs but whatever the facts may be – it has felt like it to me. Last week I even put the fire on in the sitting room – in June!! The minute the sun is out of course I go totally salad mad – anything can find its way into my salads and often do. My current plant crush is fennel which is not only incredibly tasty but also has a lot of benefits especially for those with gastric issues. Irritable bowl syndrome anyone? Part of the parsley family fennel can be used in a variety of ways so don’t be afraid to experiment with both the plant and the seeds. Continue reading “Fennel and Avocado Summer Salad”

Top Autumn Tips

PicMonkey Collage

Top things to love about Autumn? Colourful scenery, candles, cashmere jumpers, welly boots, warming stews, curry and good red wine. Love it! Unfortunately Autumn is also a time when flu’s, colds and Noro viruses sets in. What to do? Build up your armory to combat the bad stuff head on so you can enjoy the good stuff. Continue reading “Top Autumn Tips”