5 Top Summer Tips for looking and feeling your best.

IMG_8225It always happens at this time of year without fail. A few days of perpetual sunshine and suddenly, without warning, you realise that the beckoning of beach 2017, so far ahead in the distance with time to visit gyms or change diets, is actually here and now. Scary thought right? And the prospect of baring flesh that has been safely tucked away all year is not immediately appealing. So what can be done, quickly?

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Cafe Gratitude, Venice Beach

As an enthusiastic health food blogger and green juice maker I am always on the lookout for new and wonderful food ventures. California, with West Hollywood and Venice Beach leading the way, has a reputation for being the mecca of yoga, meditation and all things green, mean and vegan. Having just returned back from LA I can tell you that it is all still true. Continue reading “Cafe Gratitude, Venice Beach”

Your Gut Rules


We all know the importance of a healthy gut. From the gut stems our well being and immune system and more times than not this is the perfect place to start when you are searching for radiant health. If you don’t already take a good Pro-biotic each day then perhaps you should consider it for your family. There are children friendly versions in most health food shops. Pro-biotics are friendly bacteria and yeast which lives in our gut and keeps us healthy and balanced – and we simply do no get enough of it in this age of convenience foods and mineral depleted soils.

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