Children’s Breakfast Granola


Here is a surefire winner in the breakfast department at our house. Home made granola. Yes, some batches are better received by the children than others but complaints are generally due to nuts/seeds not being ground up enough. Overall, it is a staple that we are all happy to eat daily. Add to it some creamy organic greek yoghurt and am happy knowing my kids have started their day with nutritious seeds, nuts, fats and gluten-free grains. It is also a fun thing to be making together on a rainy day. My daughter loves finding pretty jars for our granola that we can put ribbons onto and display (proudly) in the kitchen. Continue reading “Children’s Breakfast Granola”

Little Juicers


So here it is! I’m a mother, a devoted juicer, sometimes vegan and most of the time a conscious eater.  My children? Not so much. I cook mainly with organic vegetables, meats and dairy and  I also use gluten-free bread, pasta and flour. However,  all goodness is hidden – otherwise they don’t want it! Yes – no ‘conscious’ eaters here. I hide pureed veggies in sauces, I pretend the toast is normal when it’s gluten-free, the coconut yoghurt is served as ‘normal’ yoghurt, the pancakes are made with almond flour and coconut etc. The truth is that my children would run a mile if they were told to drink a green juice. Go figure!

Luckily my daughter’s friend stopped by yesterday and look excited when I brought out the juicer and the kale. ‘I love kale’ she said. My daughter almost fainted. ‘You LOVE kale?’ she inquired shocked and in disbelief. Fast forward 20 minutes and sure enough they were all having a ‘toast’ with green juice which I managed to get a picture of. It may be the last time it happens. The friend loved the juice, my children gagged. I think I need to put a bit more apple in next time but I’m going to persevere – seeing a friend eating/drinking something is obviously 100 time more effective than me asking. So there you are… Happy Wednesday! x