Scandi Grain Free Granola

Over the years I have noticed that the one thing that unites us Scandinavians abroad is our longing for the taste of home. A faint waft of cinnamon buns can turn the most gluten-averse Swede into a ravenous wheat freak. Or salivating upon seeing the perfect, powdery surface of a semla, the delicious cardamom bun we eat for lent, stuffed with whipped cream and marzipan, that in the olden days was served with the (odd) addition of warm milk. Continue reading “Scandi Grain Free Granola”

Cinnamon Granola


I’m a bit obsessed by the smell of cinnamon buns – it’s a Swedish thing. There is something so wholesome and soothing about these spiced buns that conjure up memories of childhood, baking and the knowledge that all is well in the world.

And that is why this cinnamon granola has been such a game changer in our family. I can’t remember being so excited about something edible that isn’t green for a long time but here it is. As a mainly gluten free household, the kids sometimes bemoan the loss of cereal. Cereal used to play a big part on our breakfast menu in days past but it has now been replaced by gluten free bread, eggs and natural yoghurt with honey. Still, I could see where they were coming from. Continue reading “Cinnamon Granola”