Coconut Soup with Squash and Sweet Potato

IMG_5451Don’t you just love seasonal produce? It is something marvellous about eating that which has just been freshly harvested and turning it into a meal. It makes you feel in tune with nature as well as the distant past, when eating seasonally was all that one could do.

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‘ Store cupboard essentials’ porridge


Ahhhh… so nice to be back home in London again. My off-piste eating excursions have been rather exceptional so I can’t wait to kick-start my good food habits anew.  Being on holiday is great but you never have your ‘stuff’ at the ready. All those extra curricular condiments and such like that you’ve collected over weeks and months and that you take for granted when you assemble/cook food at home. On holiday you have the choice to buy the whole lot again – or not in my case. I did it the local way instead and ate what was there and enjoyed it. Basta. Continue reading “‘ Store cupboard essentials’ porridge”

Top Autumn Tips

PicMonkey Collage

Top things to love about Autumn? Colourful scenery, candles, cashmere jumpers, welly boots, warming stews, curry and good red wine. Love it! Unfortunately Autumn is also a time when flu’s, colds and Noro viruses sets in. What to do? Build up your armory to combat the bad stuff head on so you can enjoy the good stuff. Continue reading “Top Autumn Tips”

High notes of Cambridge

Espresso Library in Cambridge

On a recent visit to Cambridge I was struck by two things; the city’s incredible beauty and the abundance of small, cool cafes serving up a variety of vegan, gluten-free fayre to the city’s students. There is something special about university towns. Bicycles are a key mode of transport, there is a distinct lack of chains in comparison to independently run cafes and boutiques and students seem open and willing to embrace healthy ways of eating. We saw green juices and smoothies, gluten-free bread, quinoa salads, sweet potato brownies and organic coffee. The cafes and restaurants were simply decorated, sometimes in converted industrial spaces, and featured knowledgable staff and live music. Continue reading “High notes of Cambridge”