Protein salad with tahini and mustard dressing

imageQuinoa is a hard grain to beat generally but especially if you are into vegan/vegetarian food. When you’ve eaten your body weight in brown rice and pasta no longer appeals (all that gluten, darling) quinoa is the logical next step. Versatile (it can be eaten hot or cold), inexpensive, filling and jam packed with nutrients, it should quite frankly take pride of place in everybody’s kitchen. Continue reading “Protein salad with tahini and mustard dressing”

Sweet potato and pomegranate salad


Is it just me or did this summer come and go way too fast? It feels like I have not had a chance to use half of my summer wardrobe and now it’s almost too late. I say almost as I’ve decided to fight autumn every step of the way. It helps that I’m off to Spain for a lovely wedding this weekend and sunshine and bikini are some of the menu items. I will enjoy every minute of the sun and festivities. Continue reading “Sweet potato and pomegranate salad”

Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Frikadeller


As we’re heading into Christmas it can be really tempting to dive head first into traditional christmas foods. Us Swedes will have particularly fond memories of Christmas Eve meatballs as it is something of an institution at home and I must admit I am no exception. But these days I’m mainly veggie and gluten free so I’m not AS tempted… Still, it is nice to have something ‘meat like’ with your kale salad at christmas time which is why these red lentil and sweet potato frikadeller came about. Why red lentils and sweet potato? Continue reading “Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Frikadeller”