Recovery porridge

In these jolly Christmas times it is easy to overdo the fun. You know what I’m talking about. And if you suspect that you may have had a glass or two too many the night before, chances are you’ll wake up the next morning craving comfort food in a big way. Continue reading “Recovery porridge”

Coconut Soup with Squash and Sweet Potato

IMG_5451Don’t you just love seasonal produce? It is something marvellous about eating that which has just been freshly harvested and turning it into a meal. It makes you feel in tune with nature as well as the distant past, when eating seasonally was all that one could do.

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Mung Bean Curry


So happy its raining today. No, it’s true – I love it when the weather give you permission to hibernate. I’ve even lit a candle as I’m having my lunch of which you will hear more soon. So often we are after the really heady stuff – great weather, the best holidays, amazing nights out, best restaurants or fastest times on our weekly runs. We’re always striving for perfection and our personal best. But I think the mediocre is underrated. The ordinary, every day stuff which lives are made of can be utterly beautiful and nourishes the soul as much if not more than extremes. Continue reading “Mung Bean Curry”

Gluten Free Pancakes


The children are home from school with whooping-cough and cold respectively. Not fun. So we needed some cheering up and cooking pancakes was the answer. As we are pretty much a gluten-free household we needed to go to our trusted recipe of fluffy and sweet gluten-free pancakes.

Cooking gluten-free pancakes takes a bit of practice and in the past I used to want the pancakes to look large, thin and crepe-like. Like my childhood pancakes. But that is tricky without gluten. The glue in gluten binds the ingredients in the batter together and makes dough possible to stretch (you know the pizza baker trick) so without this you have to think out of the box. Continue reading “Gluten Free Pancakes”