imageWith Brexit reigning supreme in our media, uncertainty is lingering like a bad smell and permeating our psyche – especially among those of us who are not British citizens. How will it affect us and what does it all mean for the future? These were things I was pondering on the plane back from a blissful stay in Lisbon a few days ago, filled with new thoughts and experiences.
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Breakfast musings

I’ve talked about habits in the past. Like how to incorporate new behaviour into your everyday life and make it stick. Great morning routines, such as meditating or eating well, can really change how you carry on your daily business. Meditation calms the inner chatter and enables you to focus on tasks at hand or for new ideas to hatch. Changing your diet for the better is another surefire route to a better quality of life as it fuels your energy, nourishes your cells, fills you up (but not uncomfortably so) and help you stay satiated for longer.  Changing daily habits therefore has the potential to rock your universe in more ways than one which is welcome news. Continue reading “Breakfast musings”

Courgetti and other things..


Pasta and I had a love affair for some years. My children grew up on the stuff and it was always the go-to dish for me throughout my 20s and 30s. If pasta was on the menu, things were going to be alright in my world. I was never wild on meat, could take it or leave it really, but pasta and bread were on top of my list of stuff I would struggle without. Carb girl, me.

Fast forward and today I can’t wait to get my spiraliser out to make courgette pasta smothered in my home-made pesto – the more colourful courgettes the better too. Do I eat regular, gluten packed pasta today? Not if I can help it – on the rare occasions that I do, the effects are immediate. I am NOT gluten intolerant or allergic, yet I feel bloated, tired and edgy. Fresh veg wins hands down every time for me these days.   The brilliant nutritionist of the moment, Amelia Freer  (credited with Sam Smith’s recent weight loss), says in her excellent book Eat, Nourish, Glow that she eats 10-13 servings of fresh veg and fruit PER DAY! Only three of those servings are fruit by the way. The rest is pure veg in all varieties. She glows and is testament to what a great diet can do. Continue reading “Courgetti and other things..”

Mellow Juice

Painting, blogging, green juice = happy me
Painting, blogging, green juice = happy me

I’ve come to realise that everything in life comes down to habits, good and bad. Having lofty ideas and wishing for a fit body is not going to cut it if our diet habits are bad. End of story. To expect different results by doing the same thing is pretty futile.

They way I live my life today is a far cry from the way I lived ten years ago and I’m sure you’re no different.  Age, knowledge, experience and being bothered all play their part in how and when we decide to change – but the encouraging aspect of looking back is the realisation that habits can be changed. Big changes often start small;  a friend recommends a book, you read an article, topic comes up in conversation with friends and before you know it you have created an intention to change. Once the intention is there, forming a new habit feels like the logical next step.


For me it started with juicing, green juice that is – and incorporating more greens into my diet whilst reducing meat intake. I’m not a purist and nor do I want to be but following the 80-20 rule makes me feel much more balanced, toned and energetic. More importantly however, is our outlook on life which plays a vital part in feeling well and happy. Our bodies and minds are inextricably linked and with one out of sync the other cant thrive. So these days I have a green juice before kicking off my day, I try to limit stress and I meditate as regularly as I can – ideally first thing in the morning. I don’t eat when I’m upset or stressed, I limit my portions and I exercise gently. All these changes to my habits have occurred slowly and almost seamlessly. Interestingly, when you change your habits you don’t always get good feedback – others may be intensely irritated by the changes happening in your life and try to ridicule or dissuade you from carrying on. No matter. Go your own way as authentically as you can – only you know your own truth. Let’s drink juice, be kind, don’t judge… I wish you all a very mellow Wednesday. It may not feel like Summer in grey London but it’s on its way.. X