Detoxify Today


Today I’ve had mainly juice, water and a boat load of herbal teas. It was an instant decision this morning – nothing planned – as I felt I needed a detox. It’s not been that hard really, I mean I know I’ll eat tomorrow so we’re not talking a month’s fast here. My fridge was brimming with veg so I knew that as soon as I felt hunger I simply made myself another juice. This time around I also ended up with other colours but green. The carrot/ginger/apple combo featured felt like a naughty treat – carrots are just so sweet and delicious.

For those needing a radical overhaul, however, I recommend watching the UK juice guru, Jason Vale’s, new documentary ‘Superjuice Me”. In it he takes 8 peeps in need of big change to his juice sanctuary in Portugal. For 28 days the experiment entails nothing but drinking fresh juice, combined with a bit of light exercise such as yoga, walking and swimming. The volunteers are overweight, ill and most in chronic pain. Their results are quite remarkable and sets them up for a brand new life. I recommend it wholeheartedly, click here to watch.

I wish you a really lovely evening. x

Food Matters

Unless we have major reasons to change our lifestyle, we tend to be lazy and leave things as they are. Let’s face it. But you throw in a biggie, like illness, and we start to pay attention. Especially when it involves those we love.

James Colquhoin and Laurentine ten Bosch, the couple behind Food Matters, a brilliant documentary and subsequent web portal that has taken the world by storm, were shocked and devastated when James’ father Roy was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For years they watched helplessly as Roy deteriorated into a world of his own due to the various meds and clinical advice he had been given. James and Laurentine finally decided to intervene, against the wishes of medical professionals, and began changing Roy’s diet by including healthier foods such as organic fruit and vegetables and experiment with natural supplements. Continue reading “Food Matters”