Everyday turmeric porridge

Voila! This is my everyday go-to porridge, jam packed with everything that is good for you. I do it on autopilot and with all the ingredients at an arms reach it has become easy and almost second nature. Planning is key and with the right set-up anything is possible. I really look forward to it each morning, especially since the weather is getting colder and the mornings darker. I sit in front of the fire and think about the day ahead – it is a little thing but it really starts my day off right. Continue reading “Everyday turmeric porridge”

Purple Power Juice

The purple cabbage is so incredibly nutrient rich that it should be one of our most loved ingredients in cooking and juicing. In fact, it has more vitamin C than oranges. Who knew? Continue reading “Purple Power Juice”

Fennel and Avocado Summer Salad


Finally sun! It may or may not have been the coldest and greyest of springs but whatever the facts may be – it has felt like it to me. Last week I even put the fire on in the sitting room – in June!! The minute the sun is out of course I go totally salad mad – anything can find its way into my salads and often do. My current plant crush is fennel which is not only incredibly tasty but also has a lot of benefits especially for those with gastric issues. Irritable bowl syndrome anyone? Part of the parsley family fennel can be used in a variety of ways so don’t be afraid to experiment with both the plant and the seeds. Continue reading “Fennel and Avocado Summer Salad”

A few words about turmeric…


We are living in interesting times. Many of us are turning our backs on conventional medicine in favour of natural remedies that are both cheaper and contain none of the nasty side effects so prevalent in synthetic pharmaceuticals. We want the food we consume to fill us up whilst also healing and preventing future illness. Organic farming is on the up, natural herbs and spices are used to combat common ailments and health food bloggers are by far the greatest influencers when it comes to changing our daily eating habits. Continue reading “A few words about turmeric…”