Recovery porridge

In these jolly Christmas times it is easy to overdo the fun. You know what I’m talking about. And if you suspect that you may have had a glass or two too many the night before, chances are you’ll wake up the next morning craving comfort food in a big way. Continue reading “Recovery porridge”

Crunchy salad with creamy chilli and turmeric dressing

My lovely friend G always jokes about getting enough roughage from his diet – it’s a standing joke now. But the meaning of the word fibre has gone out of fashion in the healthy food narrative these days. What a shame! Fibre is key to lots of imortant functions in our bodies, like feeding our gut flora – our gut bacteria needs fuel, just like we do. Not eating enough fibre can lead to  chronic illness and obesity. But equally, eating a lot of the right sort of fibre can prevent it. Continue reading “Crunchy salad with creamy chilli and turmeric dressing”

Tune in


Stressful life situations can bring out the worst in all of us. We over-analyze, fret, escape from painful feelings and generally keep ourselves super busy hoping things will get better or, ideally, go away. More often than not, however, looking outward for a solution to our problems tend to bring meagre returns – at the end of the day we can’t fix that over which we have no control no matter how much we try. Continue reading “Tune in”

Gluten Free Pancakes


The children are home from school with whooping-cough and cold respectively. Not fun. So we needed some cheering up and cooking pancakes was the answer. As we are pretty much a gluten-free household we needed to go to our trusted recipe of fluffy and sweet gluten-free pancakes.

Cooking gluten-free pancakes takes a bit of practice and in the past I used to want the pancakes to look large, thin and crepe-like. Like my childhood pancakes. But that is tricky without gluten. The glue in gluten binds the ingredients in the batter together and makes dough possible to stretch (you know the pizza baker trick) so without this you have to think out of the box. Continue reading “Gluten Free Pancakes”