Juice Delivery

imageOur Green Swede Juices are 100% Cold pressed and Organic

In our quest to spread health and wellbeing the Green Swede way, we are pleased to announce our brand new  juice delivery service which will kick off in South West London initially.

We know everyone is busy living their lives and we understand that juicing at home does not always fit into people’s schedule.  No matter – we’re here to help.

By subscribing to our juice delivery service you’ll receive fresh juice to your door step on a weekly basis without the hassle of having to make it yourself.

We will start to deliver in South West London initially to these postcodes; SW13, SW14, SW15 and TW10 – with the aim of eventually being able to deliver to Greater London and rest of the UK too. At this point we will not be able to fulfil orders from post codes other than listed.

Our recyclable glass bottles come in two sizes, 250ml and 500ml. There are two deliveries per week which takes place on a Monday and Wednesday mornings. At the moment we don’t offer weekend deliveries.

Our produce is 100% organic and our cold pressed juicers ensures all the vital vitamins, enzymes and minerals remains intact. Conventional centrifugal juicers, as used in places like WholeFoods and regular juice bars, create heat due to the use of high speed which causes oxidation that kills off vital nutrients. Cold pressed juicers masticates the produce at a very low speed which retains more nutrients and ensures that our juices have a shelf life of up to 3 days if kept in the fridge upon delivery.

It is really important to us to be kind to our planet as well as our bodies so we would love it if you helped us recycle the glass bottles when we deliver your juice. Simply place them outside your door on delivery day and we’ll pick up. Just like a milk man.

Initially our delivery service will focus on South West London but we hope to expand to other areas too in due time. Please register your interest below and let us know if you are interested in us delivering to your area, how often and what type of juices you are interested in.

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