Juice cleanse

My Greenswede juice cleanse is now live… yey!

I recently finished the one day fast and I can’t tell you how much lighter and better I felt. And that is after just one day! Imagine three, or five days? Granted I am quite happy with short fasts as I enjoy my food way too much but fasting is an ancient way of giving our digestive system a real break. And the need for it has not changed with modernity, quite the opposite in fact.

Us humans are like great big munching machines, snacking away for most of our waking hours, thus keeping our digestion system in full-time employment. So when you fast on juice, and in the absence of the body being perpetually occupied with digestion, you’ll start to notice a massive difference to both your physical and mental well-being. You feel lighter, brighter and more alert. It also becomes clear just how little we drink on a day-to-day basis. Sure, all of us drink coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, fruit juice, wine, beer, you name it but …. yes, you get the picture. Hydrating? Not so much.

When you are on a juice cleanse, knowing no solids or liquid toxins are going to get past your lips, you automatically start to drink a lot more fluids, just to feel full (or at least not to feel starving). You eagerly drink your veg juice and nut milks but you also knock back herbal teas and filtered water like its going out of fashion.

And all that hydration does feel surprisingly good, knowing you are supporting your body by flushing out toxins which improves, among other things, your skin and your digestion.

Of course I craved green leaves and solids, in particular avocados, and I loved having all that the following morning but the absence of solids really felt good. And all of us can manage one day, easy.

As I’m starting to promote my own 1 and 3-day juice fast (see shop), I have been interested in researching what is out there in the world of juice fasts and, in the weeks to come,  I will give you a low-down of what I found out. This I know – not all cold pressed juices are created equal. So stay tuned for my review on what to look out for when you are choosing your juice fast and I’ll report back soon.

Love and Health,


Birgitta xx

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