Why should I do a Juice Cleanse?

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Why cleanse?

A juice cleanse is an effective and wonderful way to reboot your system if you are feeling lackluster and low in energy. It can also act as a powerful motivator if you are about to start a weigh loss programme. Toxins in our food, homes and environment interfere with our own internal detoxification process that nature gave us and can make it difficult for it to operate optimally.

Therefore, whilst you are on a juice cleanse you avoid the harmful toxins such as sugars, coffee, alcohol, processed food and so on.  In its place you instead drink vegetable juice and nut milks to keep you satiated whilst giving your liver and your digestive system a much needed boost.


Can’t the body detox by itself?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding detox in general and juice cleanses in particular. Yes, we are designed to clear and clean out unwanted toxins from our body through our digestive system, liver, lymphatic system and skin. But in today’s world we are overloaded with toxins from pesticides, caffeine, medication, hormones from non-organic food, environmental pollutants and heavy metals to name but a few. Which means that which happens normally may need a little help by stopping the toxins and upping the vitamin and enzyme intake whilst giving your digestive system a much needed rest. A Toxin Time Out.

How long do I cleanse for?

Unless you are already a very healthy individual who shuns toxins, a three-day cleanse is probably all you need at this stage. You can monitor how you feel during and after the cleanse and if it really made you feel sparkier then you may incorporate new ways of eating and living which means you could do a longer cleanse in the future. But three days is long enough to make a difference and short enough to cope with.

Something to think about

Although you may be tempted, try to avoid any pre-cleanse binging. This is not the time to go for a bender with the girls. Instead schedule your cleans when your life is calmish and fairly regular – otherwise you may be more inclined to fall of the wagon. Also, it is best not to do a cleanse if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have any underlying health conditions you should always talk it through with your GP first.

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