Love is what matters

After the atrocities across the UK over the past few weeks, the conscious act of showing love and unity seems more pertinent now than ever. Last night, whilst watching Ariana Grande’s One Love concert in Manchester on TV with my daughter, we witnessed just that. A united front, consisting of 50,000 human beings at the Manchester Arena, fuelled by love and support for their fellow men and women.

There was unity, love, bravery and empathy for those who were hurt and for those who lost lives. Most of all though the message that was transmitted was one of hope. Hope that when sh..t happens we unite, we love, we care and we act. Apparently 11m people tuned in to see the concert and the artists performing were visibly moved – so were we.

People, let’s stay strong and love each other. Let us be even more tolerant than we thought possible. Let’s not make targets of those who we feel inclined to judge but instead show that we live in a country, in a world, where all can rub along together in peace, regardless of nationality, faith and skin colour.

Peace & Love,

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  1. Gabriele

    Dear Birgitta, how wonderful to read this words on your blog. It also come, on the same way, out of my heart. Thanks my dear💛

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