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In case it wasn’t absolutely obvious from this blog, I love juicing fresh, organic vegetables on a daily basis. Juicing has become an important way of life for me and I credit it with many health benefits – masses of energy and a great immune system to name but two.

Since I invested in my very first juicer (and I’m on my 3rd now) my morning routine has changed a lot. I tend to drink my juice on an empty stomach and then follow on with breakfast a bit later (about 20-30min), to enable the nutrients to really hit the bloodstream without the added burden of having to digest breakfast too.

Liquid nutrients are like gold dust and as soon as I feel a slight tickle in my throat or notice my energy starting to wane, I’ll double up on my dose the following day – with CRAZY amounts of ginger and turmeric root added.  The thing I’ve noticed is that more is definitely more…  If I have enough veg at home, I’ll happily drink 500ml every morning (although 250ml is a great way to start the morning too – any amount of juice is helpful). Or have your 250ml in the morning and add some more in the afternoon when energy levels are flagging. Beats a KitKat every time.

When I hear juice bashers, often cynical editors in the daily press, rant about how juicing is a fad and only applies to LA yoginis, I would love them to try juicing for a month and then tell me what they think. Better health and more intake of nutritious, organic vegetables will always be beneficial to our health, as is eating less processed foods and sugar. We know this stuff yet this subject is open season to make fun of. Go figure. Stop criticising and start juicing is my motto 🙂

So this if for the doubters. A good, old-fashioned, tried and tested green juice recipe that you can whip up in minutes at home. I use a cold pressed juicer  which has an auger that grinds the vegetables (slowly) and sieves them through a mesh, discarding the pulp and liberating the life-giving juice. Cold pressed juicers are particularly good for green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach and herbs, known to fly around like forlorn leaves in regular centrifugal juicers on the market. But the best juicer is, of course, the one you’ll use so begin with what you have.

The Green Swede Green Juice

1 cucumber

1/2 bag of spinach or kale

2 stalks celery

1 lemon

Thumb length piece of ginger root

1 apple (or pear)

For variation you can add fennel, swiss chard, lime, courgettes or mint – all good!

How to:

Juice the lot and drink as soon as possible, otherwise, keep refrigerated.

Much love,

Birgitta x


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  1. kathleen Birch

    Hi Gitta I always love your blogs, please can you tell me which juicer is the best to get.
    thanks Kathleen x

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