Anti-aging serum


I have been adopting a natural skin care regime for about a month now. I started just before Christmas in a quest to stick to only natural skin care for two weeks. Well, Christmas got in the way and although I promised to report back on my findings I was preoccupied relaxing with the children and house guests. 🙂 In any case, I can safely say that it has been a wonderful experiment and I don’t think I will ever buy a face cream again – natural oils and aloe vera is it for me from now on. And as I learn and progress I’ll report back to you via my  Greenswede blog, Facebook and Instagram. Watch this space!

Taking charge of what you allow to penetrate your skin means you are also saying sayonara to all the toxic chemicals which get absorbed into your body every time you cleanse, tone and moisturise with regular products. Not ideal! My new regime involves a coconut and castor oil cleansing rub (soon to hit the blog) after which you feel great. Make sure you remove the oils with a hot flannel so you get that great exfoliating sensation whilst noticing that some oil still remains on your skin, preventing it from drying out. I follow this with the Green Swede anti-aging serum (see below) which I put on generously. A bonus of all this is that I can go into the kitchen and refill my bottle once I run out. Girl power!


My anti-aging serum has become a favorite and the smell is truly amazing. Neroli (Citrus Aurantium) is one of the most evocative smells I know so each morning and every night I feel totally at peace either starting my day or going to bed with this most lovely of fragrances. It calms the nervous system, fighting stress and insomnia. Neroli is an aphrodisiac, promotes new cell growth and increases circulation. What’s not to like?  My blend also includes both the anti-aging oil rosehip seed oil and calming lavender oil so that you can be sure it is going to do your skin a whole lot of good. Let me know what you think!

Green Swede Anti-aging serum (20ml)

5 ml sweet almond oil

5 ml jojoba oil

5 ml rosehip seed oil

10 drops pomegranate seed oil

5-10 drops vitamin e oil

5 drops lavender

2 drops carrot seed oil

5-7  drops neroli oil

How to:

Use a small funnel and pour all oils into a 20ml dark glass bottle with a dropper. Once filled up close securely and roll the bottle gently in your hands to mix the oils thoroughly. It can take a few hours for the oils and the aroma to properly blend so be patient. If you make it in the morning you can be sure to use it in the evening before bedtime. Use on its own or under your night cream, depending on how much nourishment you feel your skin needs.






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