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Happy New Year lovely people! It’s been a while – the house has been occupied with family and friends and it’s been lovely. And I don’t know about you but I’ve got a great feeling about 2017 despite newly elected presidents and Brexit voes.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like a big date to get you in the mood to change your life just a little bit. It’s like taking a big leap knowing only you can take the rap if the landing is not great. It’s ‘sticking your neck out time’ and it is not always pleasant. Change requires guts and determination – without either you’ll not go far.

My ‘thing’ this year will be to declutter. Whilst in California this summer I picked up a book at my friends’ house called  ‘The life-changing magic of tidying’ by the Japanese author, Marie Kondo. For some reason, I spotted it from across the coffee table and knew it was something I needed to read. Apparently, by decluttering your wardrobes and cupboards you’ll invite change in your life circumstances too. What’s not to like. Out with the unnecessary and in with that which brings joy, health and abundance.

Which takes me to juicing. The decision to make daily juices is one I have never regretted and the longer I keep at it, the stronger I feel. One’s immune system is affected by lots more than just what we eat and drink of course, excessive stress and worry can be detrimental, but it is still a big part of how we feel which makes me more convinced of its importance in daily life. Fruit and vegetables are our natural fuel and the more we consume the better we feel. Fact!

In an ideal world, we would all have access to local, organic foods which was affordable but sadly this is not always the case. So how to know which veg are the worst pesticide offenders? This guide is useful when navigating the jungle that is fruit and veg.


Top tip for washing your fruit and veg, even organic produce? White vinegar. Fill a bowl with water and add one cup of white vinegar and let veg soak for up to an hour then scrub and rinse. This solution removes most pesticides. Job done!

I wish you all a beautiful Tuesday!

Much love,

Birgitta x




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