Juice for health, Juice for life

Recently I have heard of many success stories relating to long-term juice fasting and detox. Everyone has their own reason for undergoing what may be quite a challenge – not eating solids for 15 or 30 days takes some doing after all. But for some, juice fasting may be the last in a long line of attempts to solve a stubborn problem.

Those suffering issues such as recurrent colds, allergies and weigh gain may be very successful in curing their ails but more serious illnesses can also benefit from pure liquid nutrients over a longer time. No processed food, alcohol, caffeine, grains, dairy, gluten etc gives the body a reboot. But it’s the absence of digestion in concurrence with the organic nutrients in the veg that recharges your system.

Fresh, organic vegetables and herbs are starting to be considered natures pharmacy and anyone watching the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead can only marvel at the vast improvement of Joe Cross, the Australian entrepreneur who’s 60 day juice fast enabled him to lose at least half of his body weight, including an impressive belly, but also managed to do away with all of the drugs relating to his stubborn auto-immune disease, urticaria, which disappeared in front of our eyes.

If you have not seen his documentary I urge you to watch his journey and those he features in his film. He has since dedicated his life to spreading the word of juicing and the health benefits of organic veg through his website, Reboot with Joe, public appearances and a variety books and guides.

Closer to home, our own Jason Vale , also known as the Juice Master, has been the enthusiastic face of juicing for some time.  His film, Super juice me, shows a group of seriously ill people decamping to his retreat in Portugal for a month of juicing only. It is not easy nor pretty but the outcomes for all participants are life changing. It is difficult to watch this stuff without wondering why we don’t know more about the healing of juicing organic vegetables. Why is this stuff peripheral? Why is it still ‘alternative’.

Another series I urge you to watch is The truth about cancer, which I have written about in the past. It is a 10 part series of alternative ways of healing people with serious cancer for whom drugs does not work. It is informative, shocking, eye-opening and jam-packed with testimonials from patients who have undergone treatments other than conventional drug therapy. The content is dense, the medical practitioners plentiful and this stuff takes time to digest. Again, juicing forms an important part of the reported recovery and most patients who are cured or in recovery do this daily. Watch with an open mind.

Obviously no one should embark on a long-term juice fast without speaking to a medical professional or their GP but the sad thing is that many medics are pretty ill-informed of the way nutrition works and its capacity to heal.  Their training involves drug therapy not healing through natural means. There is room for both in my humble opinion and I would love it if medical doctors, naturopaths and acupuncturists for example, worked side by side in a combined effort to ensure that patients enjoy holistic health. All I can say is….

…keep juicing people!

Much love,

Birgitta x

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