I Love Food Trucks

imageEver since watching ‘Chef’, the 2014 film directed by and starring Jon Favreau, I have had a longing to take cooking and juicing on the road. I challenge you to watch that film and not be tempted by the same thought.

Food trucks are most often found in places where people really want to be, like a music festival, sporting event, a street market or by the beach. Great, fun places in other words.


I’m not taking about the burger and hot dog trucks that line motorways and seem to be what lorry drivers are sustained by. They may serve a purpose but the combo of processed meat and transfat is contributing to worldwide dis-ease and therefore I am not a great fan. No, the food trucks I’m talking about take innovative cooking on the road – reduced down to its basic form and originating from a myriad of countries, spreading exotic flavours and smells in their wake.

Who can resist simple, healthy street food? It makes you instantly hungry – from zero to sixty in a heartbeat. Similarly to a picnic. You prepare all the goodies you are taking with you at length, finding the appropriate receptacles and flasks, blankets, condiments and cutlery. Only to arrive at the chosen destination and devour the contents within minutes. Go figure.

At Kaboo, the wonderful music festival we visited last weekend in Del Mar, San Diego there were food trucks galore. We expected no less, this was California after all and a festival for those over 25! Our favorite, Sage Vegan Bistro, featured a vegan, organic theme, locally sourced and farmed too. Although the vegan tacos we had were delicious we also eyed up the nachos and vegan burritos coming out of the hatch. Cauliflower wings anyone? Or brusselsprouts tossed in lime and sea salt then grilled?


We loved the whole concept and when I researched the company later I saw that they also had restaurants throughout California with strong links to local farmers which determined their weekly menu always. What’s not to love?

Closer to home try Rupert’s street food truck for quality vegan street food. They have a great menu selection and can be found at markets and festivals around London. You can hire them for private events too.


Canden Lock has s variety of food trucks in their weekly food market so it is most definitely with a visit.

Eenjoy tasting your way through London!

Take care X

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