imageWith Brexit reigning supreme in our media, uncertainty is lingering like a bad smell and permeating our psyche – especially among those of us who are not British citizens. How will it affect us and what does it all mean for the future? These were things I was pondering on the plane back from a blissful stay in Lisbon a few days ago, filled with new thoughts and experiences.

Returning home from a trip away you come armed with new insights of how others live and how things are done, it embellishes your thoughts and enriches your mental canvas which is why the Brexit result has hit us so hard. Imposing restrictions becomes very personal. Travel is invaluable and necessary for individual as well as collective growth. Travel provokes, enables you to look within, take stock of your status quo, re-group and ultimately, possibly crack us open to change.

Change is nothing but challenging yet that is how we grow. Whether you are deciding to change your diet to achieve health or weight loss, move house, move country, start an exercise routine, change jobs or alter your personal relationships, change is inevitable and often preceded by a period of doubt which can be deeply uncomfortable. Your surrounding may not like your change or worse, take it personal. Be reassured, however, that your path in this world is your very own.  Only you know the right way forward so ensure you share your thoughts and burgeoning direction with those who knows you well, are supportive and empathetic. This is not the time to be knocked off your peg.


Don’t be fooled by superficiality and that which we perceive to be shiny, uncomplicated and ‘right’. Beyond the gloss we are all trying to find our way in this life and do our very best to be more loving, happy and content. Sometimes we get it just right, others less so and that is OK. Wherever you are in your journey know that what you are feeling is neither good nor bad – who needs labels? It is simply a process which will take you closer to your authentic self which is ultimately the only way to be. Accept current imperfections in yourself and you’ll find it easier to accept it in others too. Don’t restrict or isolate – let’s unite, be empathetic and loving across borders, race and colour.  We are one! x

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