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Over the past few weeks I have been close to obsessed by the nine part documentary series ‘The truth about cancer‘. It is an expose about the cancer business, both the conventional treatments and alternative, non toxic ones which are reaping results but that no one will talk about. 

Cancer is a tricky and emotive subject. I hesitated to blog about this documentary as the instant you suggest alternative ways to heal a leading killer you are open to bile. I am not a doctor either which is adding insult to injury. However, in this instance I actually do not care. I urge you all to watch it, take from it what you want and if it can help anyone who’s in a life threatening situation then it has been worth it.

The documentary pays homage to our body’s immune system, beautifully designed to protect us and heal all ills that enters our system. In a healthy body illness does not feature. But in a world filled with chemicals, stress and processed foods our immune system is overloaded and illness takes hold.  Detoxification, organic produce, juicing, clean water, herbal supplements, meditation and GMO free foods, to name a few, is what a sick body craves – not more toxins. These are things our doctors wont tell you because they simply don’t know. Most of today’s doctors have little or no nutritional knowledge due to standard medical training being heavily biased towards synthetic drugs. Recommending the right foods and supplements are simply not their core strengh. Prescribing pharmaceutical drugs are.

Ty Bollinger, the Texan who instigated ‘The truth about cancer’ documentary, lost half of his family to cancer and it is his quest to find answers, coupled with his frustration of not being able to help those he loved, that led him to the doctors, the scientists, the cancer survivors and the leading alternative voices who are working hard to give patients a choice in how to heal. The content is dense, the testimonials plenty and the sample base impressive. There is no hippie fluff in this documentary, on the contrary it is a very well researched and scientific piece of investigation.

Natural remedies (like ginger, turmeric root etc) can not be patented and as such holds little interest for the large pharmaceutical companies who dominate cancer treatment today. To patent a drug it has to be new, hence lethal cocktails of synthetic drugs are being invented and launched as the latest way to cure cancer – only people are not being cured. And the worst is that some don’t die from the cancer but from the cancer drugs. Big pharma, the authors and the ‘science’ behind cancer drugs,  have articles published in leading medical journals whose main target audience is, you guessed it,  oncologists. Who in turn prescribe the latest drug to their patients. It is a clever cycle where only the pharmaceutical companies win.

Alternative practitioners and scientists advocating a natural way to healing do not have a credible voice, nor are they of any commercial interest. Guerrilla documentaries like this one is one of the only way left – word of mouth is another. It makes for chilling viewing for those of us who lived under the faint illusion that pharmaceutical giants actually cared about our well-being. Although quite American in its format I urge you to persevere. Content, not form, is the key here. 

Have a happy, healthy Monday and keep juicing people. The more I find out the more I know that ingesting organic vegetable juice is one of the most potent way to restore health and boost your immune system.

With Love,

Birgitta x



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