Saturday Green Juice


Airline moan

I am sitting up high – en route to Norway as it happens – whilst writing this and the thing that springs to mind is the following; why is airline food so rubbish? Spoilt for choice on the ground it seems in the air we get less fussy. Really? The fact that I was late catching my flight (what else is new) meant I didn’t have time to bring a decent meal on board prior to take off. The result? A choice between the plastic ham sandwich with dodgy filling or the salad with chickpeas. Great, I thought. I like chickpeas and salad and this seems like a good option for a health conscious green Swede like myself. Until I tasted it. 90% of the salad consisted of red onion and at the time of writing this I am amazed my fellow travelers are still managing to sit next to me. Needless to say they chose the ham sandwich…

How about pots of healthy salads, sans the red onion, with a bit of chicken or salmon or a tasty veg curry with brown rice? It would be a great addition to peeps who want to fly yet don’t want to succumb to rubbish simply because they are up in the air. Someone should approach Richard Branson and offer him and the happy people at Virgin some menu planning suggestions. The Deliciously Ella generation is getting more demanding and health is now everyone’s business, not just yummy mummies.

Blabar – Putney

What a difference a few hours can make. Earlier in the morning I downed almost a liter of green juice as I made various concoctions for the lovely new Nordic café & shop in Putney, Blabar. This paired down and stylish café/lifestyle venture is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in South West London. Their choice of homeware designs coupled with a very cool interior in which to enjoy a coffee (or green juice) makes for a welcome addition to a high street not previously known for its originality or street cred. The fact that the peeps running it are warm, lovely and full of enthusiasm makes it even more of a destination venue. And the healthy salads and Nordic style open face sandwiches looked utterly delicious.

Here is the recipe for the green juice made for Blabar today:

 Blabar Green Juice*

1 cucumber

2 stalks celery

1 big handful of kale

1 big handful of spinach

Juice of 1 lemon

2” knob of ginger root

1 apple

Place all ingredients in your juicer, keep chilled or drink immediately. Happy Friday everyone! x


*All ingredients organic and cold pressed








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  1. johannabolinder

    I agree completely with you and it is an issue I have discussed with airline workers about, it comes down to one thing, costing. It is a complex costing issue and I understand their reasoning. So the answer is for the airports to deliver more options which they are doing! Especially at Heathrow, they are ever expanding their healthy food options! Its just unfortunate when we run like as you did.

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