Wake up Juice


Juice time, people! Fresh, green juice is jam-packed with nutrients helping you to feel more energetic and ensuring your body gets the vital vitamins and minerals it needs on a daily basis. Adding green vegetable juice and plenty of filtered water to your daily life will clear your skin, increase digestion, supercharge your energy levels and aid your bodies own detox mechanism by flushing out toxins and rubbish accumulated over time. You really are in charge of your own machine.


The emphasis is on the ‘fresh’ which means it’s best you make juice in your own house or get one from the growing number of juice bars that are popping up to help the time squeezed. A bottled juice from the super market is often pasteurized (heated up hence killing enzymes) or stored for too long. D.I.Y! It’s not hard or particularly time-consuming – and your body will thank you. I juice because I want to be a healthy and fun mum to my two young children. I also want to have a life filled with joy and adventure – not ill health. We may not be able to choose all the cards we are dealt in life but we can do our very best to influence those we can. Move your body, eat well, drink juice, love and laugh.

Here’s what I juiced today. It was absolutely delicious and you may find, like I have, that you crave this vitamin injection if you miss a day or two.

Wake Up Juice

1/2 organic cucumber

3 organic celery sticks

1 BIG chunk of ginger root (think two thumbs together 🙂

2 large handfuls of organic kale

1 green apple

1 organic broccoli stem (not the ‘tree’ bit as it doesn’t juice well)

Juice of 1 lime

Juice all. Top tips is to mix juicy veg with more leafy ones to maximise amount of juice you extract. Stick a few kale leaves in together with your cucumber for example. Also, I don’t own a fancy juicer – just a bog standard centrifugal one – so I often run the pulp through the chute again! Just to extract as much as possible. I can tell you that my juicer is on its last legs after daily juicing for two years so I will let you know which machine I choose and why. Happy Tuesday! x




2 thoughts on “Wake up Juice

  1. Carmel

    I highly recommend the Omega Juicer. More expensive but masticating juicers are more effective than centrifugal juicers – or so they say. I’ve never tried centrifugal.

    • The Green Swede

      Thanks for the recommendation, I will definately look into it. I was considering a cold pressed juicer but will do some more research and see which one looks good. The centrigugal ones are inexpensive but more enzymes are killed off than with other, slower juicers. As I’m such an avid juicer I may need to upgrade 🙂

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