Children’s Breakfast Granola


Here is a surefire winner in the breakfast department at our house. Home made granola. Yes, some batches are better received by the children than others but complaints are generally due to nuts/seeds not being ground up enough. Overall, it is a staple that we are all happy to eat daily. Add to it some creamy organic greek yoghurt and am happy knowing my kids have started their day with nutritious seeds, nuts, fats and gluten-free grains. It is also a fun thing to be making together on a rainy day. My daughter loves finding pretty jars for our granola that we can put ribbons onto and display (proudly) in the kitchen.

Whilst making our granola we tend to use many small bowls (like dipping bowls) which makes it visually easy for little ones to measure up and help out. My recommendation is that you try to buy big batches of gluten-free oats, cinnamon (the Indian variety and not the Chinese, you know the difference instantly) and ground cardamom so that you’re always 45 minutes away from a tasty, homemade batch of granola. I buy the ground cardamom in my local Swedish shop in south-west London – it is a spice us Swedes use a lot in baking but you can find ground cardamom online here or in most Indian speciality shops too. It also helps to bulk buy nuts and seeds and keep them in airtight containers or bags – they are useful for smoothies and everyday snacking but left too long they can go rancid so make sure you use them up. Overall it is an easy, fun, healthy way to make sure your kids do not succumb to the commercial cereal nonsense which is mainly sugar and artificial flavours. Give it a go – here’s how we did it!




Children’s Breakfast Granola

1 cup organic, gluten-free, oat flakes

1/2 cup organic almonds

1 cup organic cashew nuts

1/2 cup brazil nuts

1/2 coconut flakes

2 tbsp pumpkin seeds

2 tbsp sunflower seeds

1 1/2 tbsp cinnamon – add more if you like it stronger

1/2 tbsp ground cardamom

2 tbsp organic maple syrup

2 tbsp coconut oil, melted

1 cup raisins

1/2 desiccated coconut

How to:

Place all the nuts, seeds and coconut flakes in a food processor or blender, whatever you’ve got handy. Mix them well – I know us adults quite like a crunch but from my experience children tend to like their consistency smoother. Once blended transfer to a large bowl and mix in the raisins, desiccated coconut and spices. Mix the dry mixture well. Finish off with adding the melted coconut oil and maple syrup. Stir until you have a sticky mixture and taste. Now is the time to add more of something.

Place mixture on a baking tray lined with grease proof paper and place in oven 120C for about an hour, stirring the mixture about every 15 min.  Ovens vary greatly so check regularly so that it doesn’t burn – happened to me once and it all had to go in the bin! Once golden brown and fragrant take out of oven and let cool. The oil and maple syrup will have coagulated and created little lumps of tasty granola. Store in airtight jar, your granola will last for at least one week – ours never last that long. Enjoy! x



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