1 Green Juice = A Lot of Green Veg

When you start juicing it may come as a surprise that your carefully laid out vegetables amount to hardly any juice. Fret not. You need a lot of veg to make a green juice and not all veg are the same. Here is my low down on what makes what:

1. Mean greens: Kale, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Cavolo Nero, Parsley, Coriander, ginger, radish. Bring a lot of punch and nutrients but do not warrant a lot of liquids. This is fine as a little ‘shot’ goes a long way. You also need…

2. Liquid Greens: Cucumber, Celery, Romaine lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, cabbage, beet root, lemons. These give you the nutritious water content which makes it all into a juice. But some of us need a little sweet. Therefore you may need……

3. Sweethearts: Apple, pear, carrot (yes they are very sweet) beet root, pineapple.

So get juicing and don’t be afraid to use a lot of vegetables – preferably organic but if you can’t get any make sure you wash your veg and peel where necessary. I tend to juice about 5 cucumbers a week and as it is also my children’s favorite veg we go through a LOT of it. But I rather that than other things so it is a matter of prioritising what is important to you. Here’s to a green week! x

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