Gluten Free ‘Super’ Loaf

I’ve been trying to keep a gluten free house for quite some time now as we all feel so much better for it. But as toast is a requirement with my kids, I’ve succumbed to buying sliced bread from Genius or Wharburton – the two gluten free alternatives available in my local shop. Yesterday I finally decided to make a loaf myself just to see what it tasted like. Everyone appears to be doing it and how hard could it be?

The recipe for this yeast free, gluten free and vegan super bread came from the excellent food blog, Bettina’s Kitchen, and it seemed to be really quick and simple, hence me trying it. The main flour sort in this particular loaf is buckwheat, which is naturally gluten free and not a grain or wheat  but instead related to the rhubarb family. Buckwheat has a distinct flavour which is not for everyone so try different flour sorts to get the flavour that is just right for you.

The result? Well, I can’t stop eating this moist and dense loaf, topping it with whatever I can lay my hands on. I simply love it! The children not so much. I will keep trying 🙂 Enjoy experimenting!!


 Gluten Free Loaf (from Bettina’s Kitchen)

300g Buckwheat flour

200g corn flour

100 rice flour

1/2 grated apple (I used 1 whole as mine was small)

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

Pinch of salt

500 ml water

Toppings and fillings:

Raisins, pecans, almonds, thyme, rosemary, sunflower seeds etc

How to:

1. Start by adding all the dry ingredients, followed by the apple and water plus whatever fillings you may want . Stir the mixture that should resemble cake batter.

2. Place in a pre-greased loaf tin, or one lined with grease proof paper and place in pre-heated oven at 180C for about 45-60min. You know it is ready when you wooden skewer comes out clean.

Note: Bettina advocates that the three elements salt, bicarb and sweet are essential for this loaf to rise as it contains no yeast, so make sure to not leave out the salt or the apple.


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free ‘Super’ Loaf

  1. Gersha

    Dear Bettina, Thank you so much for the only gluten free vegan bread demo recipe available that is so healthy. You are very encouraging and I have just put my first loaf in the oven. However I don’t know what I did wrong because I had to add much more than 500 ml water. I use a cup measure and used your conversion of 1 cup is 120 g. And i am baking it anyway at 325 F since it’s on convection bake. Please do tell me what I did wrong as I do want to follow your recipe and get it right. I have used freshly ground buckwheat groats, brown rice flour and fine corn flour (it was yellow in color and it is the finest grind on bob’s mill.)Thank you and I LOVE your website. You are sure going to convert several to plant foods. I wait for your advice

    • The Green Swede

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments about the blog. Bettinas kitchen have amazing recipes and she is so inspiring which is why I featured her gluten free loaf on my greenswede site. I find that various flour types, and ovens, can play havoc with any recipe so keep trying and there is nothing wrong with adding s bit more water to the mixture – all part of food science 😍. Birgitta x

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