Be You

Apart from this being one of my favorite Oscar Wilde quotes it is also one of the truest lines ever spoken. In our never-ending quest to become a better version of ourselves, or even someone totally different, it is easy to feel funky about our flaws and foibles. Perfection seems unattainable yet who wants to be perfect? What makes me uniquely me and you uniquely you rests solely with our various idiosyncrasies. Our projection of life is the direct result from years of subjective filtering – no one can take the lead role in our lives apart from ourselves.

This is both a blessing and a curse – it means we can’t blindly follow a path others have carved, no matter how appealing it may appear. It also means that we are free to write our own rules and be the expert judge of what works for us in life. If an idea seems bonkers to others but makes perfect sense to you – go ahead! Following our intuition is an underused and under taught skill which could keep us all out of trouble should we bother to listen more carefully. Yoga, meditation, stillness and long walks are some of the ways in which we can begin to tap into that unique voice only we can hear. But paying attention to physical signs in our bodies can also be clear indicators that something or someone has got to go.

At the beginning of a new year we all have the chance to start fresh and redo that which does not work for us in life. It could be a friendship cleanse, like getting rid of toxic people in our life that do no longer serve our best. Or it could be taking a stance with family members who do not respect boundaries or our way of living.

Personally, I am going to care less about what others think, love more, spend more time with those who make me laugh, continue my passion for healthy living and make absolutely sure I have as much fun as possible. I wish you all a wonderful 2015! X

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