Cleansing Juice

20140930-170008.jpgGood Morning! No time like the present to insert a bit of goodness before you head out into your day. This morning’s juice is simple to do and cleansing in nature. Not many ingredients either – this one is a clean, mean machine that will keep you buzzing throughout the day.

  • Cucumber – a great source of vitamin C, is alkalizing and cleansing.
  • Ginger – a powerful antiseptic that keeps our immune system flowing the way it ought to.
  • Celery – includes nutrients that calms and may even help your sleep whilst reducing your blood pressure.

Cleansing Juice

1 cucumber

4 stalks of celery

2″ piece of ginger root

1 apple

Juice it all and enjoy the drink as soon as possible after having made it. I wish you all a fantastic day! x


Make plenty and sip it through the morning, like a nourishing tonic, enjoying the refreshing taste and knowledge that you are putting back health and vitality into your system. Enjoy! x

2 thoughts on “Cleansing Juice

  1. Isabel Maria

    Takingo into account that in morning there is always little time, what about making the juice the night before and drink it in the morning? What is your view? Thank you

  2. The Green Swede

    Hi Isabel, Thank you so much for reading the Green Swede.

    I know what you are saying about saving time yet fresh juice is best consumed right after juicing as the live enzymes start to degrade if exposed to air for too long. That means the nutrients you are after may be compromised. It can also depend on which kind of juicer you have – if it is a slow cold pressed juicer or a Norwalk (the juicer of juicers) then you may be able to leave it a bit longer in an airtight container in the refridgerator. The way those juicers extracts juice means more nutritious comes out. With a regular centrifugal juicer I’d consume it sooner rather than later. Can you wash all the veggies the night before perhaps and put them all in a bowl so that the only thing you have to do in the morning is run them through the juicer? That may be a way to save time.

    Hope this helps – keep on juicing!

    Much love,

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