10 Reasons To Love Avocados


I would find it impossible to make do without the avocado. Versatile, nutritious and tasty could be it’s epitaph – fast food another. Few plant based whole foods taste so perfect without little or no intervention. Bananas do spring to mind yet they don’t have that exotic, luxurious and creamy deliciousness that the savory avocado do. I use them in smoothies, spread on toast, eaten au natural (or drizzled with olive oil) scooped out with a spoon, in salads, mashed into baby food, in face masks and of course in the epic Guacamole. Shunned in the past for it’s ‘fat’ content, here are 10 updated top facts* extolling the virtues of the avocado. Stock up now and start to glow!

10 Reasons To Love Avocado

1 – Great for keeping skin supple due to omega 3 fatty acids and oleic acid.

2 – Can aid in weight loss (good fat does not make you fat).

3 – Copper and iron aide stress reduction and relaxation.

4 – Folic acid promotes reproductive health.

5 – Lowers ‘bad’ cholestrol, increase the ‘good’.

6 – Protein rich – promotes strength and endurance.

7 – Lecithin improves brain function.

8 – Vitamin E, powerful anti oxidant, neutralises harmful effects of toxins in body.

9 – Omega 6 fatty acids and oleic acid aids in soothing inflammation.

10 – Linoleic acid help to improve blood sugar balance.

We’ve come a long way from only using avocados sliced into a Tricolore salad (although that is good too). Why not have your avocado for breakfast, spread on a piece of toast or a cracker (I use the gluten-free variety) or on its own with some olive oil and herb salt if grains does not agree with you. Pop a slice of tomato on top. Or mix it in your morning smoothies, together with a banana, berries, some mixed nuts and green leaves. Top it off with coconut or filtered water. In my book, as long as you’ve got an avocado in your fruit bowl, you know your day is going to be alright.  Have a happy saturday everyone! x

* ‘Natural Wonderfoods‘, by Bartimeus, Haigh, Merson, Owen and Wright.



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