Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


Check out Joe Cross‘s film Fat, sick and nearly deadIt is a fascinating documentary available from Netflix that follows Joe Cross, a fat, sick and nearly dead Australian business man, drive across America with a mission on his mind and a juicer in his boot. After sixty days of green juice fasting he had not only shed the pounds but also reduced his medication to a bare minimum too. With his easygoing style and gentle, human touch he shares his mission with those he meets along the way which makes for both touching and hilarious viewing. Compulsive too – my kids found it fascinating!

His documentary has inspired thousands of peeps worldwide to start a healthier lifestyle by adopting a (mainly) plant based diet and incorporating juice fasting as a regular detox tool whilst making Joe a bit of a hero along the way too. Bring it on!

Closer to home and according to a study made by the Global Burden of Disease study, published in the Lancet medical journal, 67% of UK men and 57% of UK women are either overweight or obese.  Those are BIG statistics! Let’s get juicing people and share the good and the natural this beautiful planet has to offer. Happy Tuesday! x


Make a daily green juice or two.

Add more fresh vegetables to every meal and cut out white pasta, rice and potatoes when you can.

Have a meat free day a few times a week.

Eat in season.

Eat organic and/or local.

Ditch the sugar.

Avoid processed food.

Drink plenty of water.

Sleep more.

Be kind and love more 🙂

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