Do Gentle


Spanish peaches…

As much as a holiday is needed, giving you that well-earned break from the daily grind, it can also put a great fat spanner in the works of your good intentions. Away from the gym, the juicer, blender, familiar super markets and supplements, it can feel like things are going downhill fast. But beating ourselves up about what we are NOT doing is hardly the way to go, instead tread gently and enjoy the moment without judging. Our bodies can adapt and adjust. I don’t travel with many supplements nor do I eat on holiday the way I do at home – not by a long shot – and that’s okay. I always try to stick to good water, fruit and as many vegetables as is humanly possible and the rest will take care of itself. Relax and try to find what is good where you are. Here in Spain there is some amazing olive oil, juicy tomatoes and flat, ripe peaches – not to mention some great red wines. That can take you a long way. They even do the organic and free range eggs that I love and crave on a daily basis.

By embracing what we can’t change we let ourselves off the hook, which is the whole point of a holiday. Sleep, love, eat and enjoy, people! With love from Spain. x

Early morning sun rise..


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