Fruity Ice Lollies

This is what we had left in our fruit bowl….

Top tip if your children want ice cream and you are too lazy to go to the shops! Blend all the fruit you can lay your hands on with some coconut water until you have fruity slush. Pour into whatever receptacle you have handy. We had ice lolly moulds, a few IKEA plastic cups that we stuck spoons into and we put the lot in the freezer for a few hours. As if by magic, and just in time for the evening film, they were enjoying home-made ice lollies without an ounce of artificiality. Result!

We used:

1 cantaloupe Melon

3 small apples

2 limes, juice of

1 banana

Cup of pomegranate

Coconut water

We blended all the fruit, bar the pomegranate seeds, with the coconut water and added to the moulds. The pomegranate seeds were eaten on the side instead of inside the ice lolly as per the children’s instruction :). Happy Monday Everybody x

Our ice lolly moulds
In the blender it all goes..


The pomegranate seeds were eaten as the process took place 🙂


Home made and fruity ice lollies..


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