Airline fayre


What a difference a couple of days make. My green, juicy life has been temporarily replaced by a rubbish diet masquerading as airline food.There are always good intentions. Ours was to stop for airport sushi prior to boarding our long haul flight from the UK but, as my son is capable of eating his body weight in sashimi, we had to  set some limits. Still, as soon as we got on a plane we all got hungry again – so much for trying to avoid airplane food. No matter how hard you try, at some point airline food will enter your system and it aint pretty. This is the bit about travelling you always forget.

The irony was that our travel destination was Los Angeles, the original source of all things green, raw and vegan. If Jamie Oliver could do for airline catering what he did for school food in the UK we’d all be a lot better off. Or even better, Kris Carr, the green goddess.

Our dear Angelino friends, Nigel and Marisa, came to the rescue when they invited us for lunch in their beautiful house, which included home-grown romaine lettuce, oven roasted rosemary and garlic sweet potato and veggies from the local organic store. I love shopping in LA as the variety and choice of organic produce is staggering. My friends’ local convenience store was Fresh & Easy, a small Tesco Metro sized shop where you could happily be both vegan and a lover of gluten-free products without having to find a specialist health food market. How refreshing! We still have some way to go in the UK although it’s got a lot better in the last few years. These flax muffins and tortilla chips were fab! Happy Tuesday from the other side of the world x


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