When you fall off the green wagon..

20140401-225133.jpgNothing throws you off good intentions quicker than house guests and big nights out. Lately there’s been quite a few of both. Try as I might to be a good greenie it doesn’t take long before I go back to standard fayre of  coffees, bad food and of course wine in the company of great pals. Unhealthy food/drink leads to rubbish sleep and tired days which fuels more need for caffeine and a lower threshold for saying no to a glass of wine in the evening. A vicious circle in other words.

I find that the solution is always action – the knowing that only YOU can take charge of the ship and steer it back to the original intention. Because going off piste is not the end of the world – a balanced body should be able to bounce back from all kinds of off-road dietary adventures as long as you don’t leave it too long. So what if you indulge in a boatload of creamy pastas and red meat. You may have consumed more wine in a week than in the previous three months and drunk your body weight in coffees, yet you can wake up and start anew. There are a million ways, choose a few:

  • Make a green juice
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Re-stock your fridge with organic fruit and veg
  • Brew a big pot of herbal tea and stick on your desk to sip on throughout the morning and leave the java alone
  • Go for a run
  • Get a vegan cookbook
  • Cycle around the park
  • Don’t judge
  • Enjoy a crunchy salad for lunch
  • Make yourself some cleansing soup

The key is to get back on track and just do it. 80/20. Stick to the good stuff as much as you can, when you can’t so be it. Just get back on the wagon and carry on even if you’re feeling fat, tired, ill, bloated, depressed, spotty, sniffly or all of it combined. Tomorrow is another day. Good food sustains us and is 70% responsible for the way our body looks and feels – the rest is exercise and genealogy. And don’t be too hard on yourself if you blow it once in a while. It is a journey for life after all and every little helps. Happy, healthy Thursday everyone x

Ps. when all inspiration fails – go to Whole Food’s salad bar and do it the easy way. This was my lunch yesterday x



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