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It is starting to feel like spring outside, finally, and what better way to start the morning than green juice and avocado crackers with sliced tomato. Our available juice ingredients today were a cucumber, a broccoli stem, 1/4 of a celery, 2 handfuls of spinach, 2″ ginger (BIG piece) and 1 pear, topped up with lots of coconut water. It made for such a refreshing tonic which even my visiting auntie enjoyed 🙂 She is joining the green wave and has promised to unpack her juicer which is still in its original packaging in a cupboard. Very exciting!


So far I am very pleased to say that my family is adopting the green juicing with gusto and hopefully spreading it to others on the way. Because that is how it works – what we care about we share with those we love and on it goes, spreading like rings on the water. Happy Tuesday x


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