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I find that in order to stick to a greenish diet without deviating, it is pivotal to have most ingredients prepared and available at a moments notice. It has got to be easy and it has got to be quick. Make it complicated and you’ll head for the cheese sandwich and bag of crisps before you know it.

Instead, think yesterday’s cooked quinoa or a bit of left-over brown rice, think a bowl of cherry tomatoes that can easily be chopped and mixed with some olive oil, sea salt, basil and apple cider vinegar. Add to that some fresh greens just waiting to be steamed for a minute or two (kale, spinach, asparagus etc). Perhaps even a bit of left over fish from last nights dinner. All of these ingredients enables you to whip up a fab lunch in a jiffy. Top it all off with freshly made dressing and you have yourself a meal that means business. Here is what I did for a recent lunch:

Pic n mix lunch:

5 cherry tomatoes roughly chopped up

Bit of basil

1 charlotte onion, finely chopped

Olive oil, big glug

Apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp

Sea salt to taste

Chilli flakes to taste

Handful of kale

Handful of spinach

Toasted sesame seeds

Small bunch of baby asparagus

1 cup of quinoa

1 piece left over salmon


1″ ginger root

1 tbsp miso paste

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 lime

1/4 to 1/2 cup of water

sea salt to taste

Mix the chopped cherry tomatoes together with the onion, basil, salt, pepper and apple cider vinegar – let sit for a few minutes to infuse. In the meantime steam kale and spinach for a couple of minutes until wilted. Remove and put on plate to chill slightly. When cooled down add the toasted sesame seeds on top. Put asparagus in the steamer, same water, and steam for a minute or two. Turn off heat and put to side to cool slightly. With a hand blender mix all the ingredients for the dressing until desired consistency. This takes approximately 1 minute.

Arrange the salmon, veggies and quinoa on a plate and drizzle dressing liberally. Enjoy x




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