Take your green smoothie on the road

photo-8Food preparation styles vary greatly. Some are wonderfully organised and approach cooking with military precision. Others not so much. In fact, a post-dinner snap shot into our household resembles a crime scene investigation more than a culinary endeavour. Saying that, I have long accepted that perfection is an overrated virtue and today I am simply enjoying the process of finding nutritious and interesting foods that are tasty and easy to prepare.

I suspect my disorganised tendency may have something to do with spatial awareness, i.e. do not have too much going on within the same workspace at the same time. But more often than not I am also cooking for my children whilst working out where my taste buds are heading as this green wave I am riding is coming from gut feel alone. All I am doing cognitively is making sure there is enough green food choices available in my fridge at any one time. I am all for ease. Which is why I have started to take my morning smoothie on the road. Making a smoothie in the morning takes no time – throw in all ingredients, blend and pour. I use a portable container with a straw and drink it in my car. It couldn’t be easier. By the time you’ve  arrived at your destination you’ve forgotten that you really wanted a latte. x


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