Nutritious Red Winter Cocktail


If green juice is a step too far for you, fret not.  One of Green Swede’s weekly juice customers professed that the green juice he was receiving on a weekly basis was ‘an acquired taste’. This has not stopped him from drinking it – after all he knows it is incredibly healthy – but he is probably more excited with his slightly sweeter carrot/orange/apple/ginger combo that is  also part of his weekly juice order. And it is all good.

Eating brightly coloured vegetables – all colours of the rainbow in fact – is important as they each have different benefits to bring to our overall health. So this week we are stepping away from the green and focusing on vegetables containing carotenoids, the compound which makes vegetables orange, yellow and red. Think pumpkins, sweet potato, carrots and tomatoes. carotenoids act as powerful anti-oxidants within our bodies and can help to combat skin ageing, cellular damage and inflammation. Beta-carotene (found in carrots and sweet potato for example) can be converted into Retinol or vitamin A in the body, Vitamin A being an important aspect of eye health for example. Interestingly, carotenoids cannot be synthetically made thus making diet the most important way to ingest the benefits of these veggies.

In today’s juice recipe I’ve also included turmeric, an important anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-viral spice/root which I tend to add to the already heady mixture of carotenoids in this juice. Plus ginger. A must for good digestion and a potent anti -inflammatory.  So if you are feeling under the weather or if you are fighting a nasty cold then look no further. This juice is for you. Wish you all a fantastic day! x

Red Winter Cocktail

1 large beetroot

3 carrots

1 lemon

1 sweet potato

1″ ginger root

1″ turmeric root

1 orange

1 apple




Vegan fayre in Kingston


Finding great, local vegan/vegetarian restaurants is not as easy as you may think considering how many column  inches our health and well being is given in general media these days. Yes, you’re probably more likely to strike gold if you’re in Central London on a daily basis where you can have your pick of new, innovative and trendy vegan café’s. But here, in sleepy South West London? Not so much.


Chai Almond Latte


This morning I loved waking up to the rain tapping on my bedroom window. I find that the absence of sun is not always such a bad thing – it means more candles, fires, watching films, warming foods and being surrounded by people you love. This is the season for all things cosy after all. So on this rainy saturday I’ve got the most yummy brew to share with you – a dairy and caffeine free Chai Almond Latte. Drink as a breakfast substitute for coffee or pour it into your flask when you’re heading out for long country walks, cycle rides or indeed the stables, where I’m going today. (more…)

Spooky juice

Pumpkin with text

Had to share this super yummy recipe for a skin rejuvenating juice that is adapted from Elisabeth Peyton-Jones’s great new book Cook Yourself Young. If you have not heard of Elisabeth I thoroughly recommend her books about eating to look and feel younger (Eat Yourself Young was a best seller a few years back).  She is a trained herbalist and naturopath that advises clients around the world on how to slow down the ageing process by choosing foods which makes you look and feel healthy. (more…)

Warming Halloween soup


There is lots of excitement in my house this time of year. Halloween costumes are planned and decorations are everywhere, storage bags overflowing with remnants from years gone by but still in good working order. As usual I’m mostly loving the food. With its warming flavours and golden colours of squash and pumpkin, sweet potatoes and carrots this is a holiday that is right up my street. And there is nothing better than a good soup – we’ll be having one everyday this weekend although the kids want it as a starter rather than the main event. (more…)

Top Autumn Tips

PicMonkey Collage

Top things to love about Autumn? Colourful scenery, candles, cashmere jumpers, welly boots, warming stews, curry and good red wine. Love it! Unfortunately Autumn is also a time when flu’s, colds and Noro viruses sets in. What to do? Build up your armory to combat the bad stuff head on so you can enjoy the good stuff. (more…)

Tune in


Stressful life situations can bring out the worst in all of us. We over-analyze, fret, escape from painful feelings and generally keep ourselves super busy hoping things will get better or, ideally, go away. More often than not, however, looking outward for a solution to our problems tend to bring meagre returns – at the end of the day we can’t fix that over which we have no control no matter how much we try. (more…)