Quick Stuff

In an ideal world we would all have beautifully prepared, healthy stuff in our fridge ready for a varied and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, back in the real world it is not always that simple. Work, kids and, well, life gets in the way on a daily basis and when hunger sets in we often grab what is at hand as long as it’s quick.  Which is why having a few fool-proof ingredients at the ready is essential when those snack attacks happen.


Nuts are a brilliant way of adding fibre, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals into your diet. They also taste great. However, when soaked, nuts are easier to digest and toxins (like phytic acid) are removed, releasing beneficial enzymes which helps the body absorb all the valuable nutrients. Read more about soaking nuts and legumes on the excellent platform, Foodmatters. My own particular nut mixture tends to be to be walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds but you can have a go with others. I keep the soaked nuts in the fridge and grab handfuls to use with avocado and olive oil in the morning, or in salads and smoothies. If you are to make your own nut milk (absolutely delicious and much more nutritious than the processed nut milks you buy in the shops) soaking the nuts are essential.

Soaking method: Place 2 cups of raw, organic nuts in a bowl and add 3-4 cups warm water plus 1tbsp of salt. Soak for at least 7 hours in room temperature and keep in fridge. Eat within a couple of days as they can start to decompose after.



If there is anything I can’t cope with it is a lack of avocados. I get terrible withdrawal symptoms as they are an integral part of my daily routine. They provide the toppings for my breakfast cracker. I’ll have them mashed on their own with soaked nuts, plenty of olive oil, a bit of herb salt and black pepper or they will go into one of my breakfast smoothies. It is a divine fruit and once you’re hooked there is no going back. Avo toast anyone? With added tomatoes on top, cucumber slices , lemon juice… the choices are simply endless. And don’t get me started on guacamole… Avocados, like bananas, are ready to eat when you are. Nature’s original fast food.


You can’t go wrong with a good dip. I personally always like having a little something on the side with my fish or salads and by keeping ready-made dips in the fridge you are only one step away from a great combo. My favorites are the classics; humus, guacamole and salsa. Coupled with plain corn chips, naturally gluten-free, they provide the perfect scoop for any dip. During my California years I had a room-mate who originated from Mexico. He made the meanest salsa which I dream about to this day. Chunky pieces of tomatoes, onions and Chile were mixed with masses of fragrant coriander and limes that somehow tasted much better than the tiny varieties I buy today. It was never bought, always made fresh and from great ingredients. Bliss…


Green Juice

When all else fails, having a bottle of green juice stacked away in the fridge is a god send. It’s one of natures’ neutralisers – after drinking a glass of green juice you simply can’t follow on with a chocolate bar. It just doesn’t work. I tend to make a jug for the day and top up my glass when I’m in the mood for something. Make sure you wait 1/2 hour to eat after drinking your greens to maximise the uptake of nutrients.

Basic green juice: Handful of kale, handful of spinach, 1 cucumber, 2 stalks celery, knob of ginger, 1 lemon and 1 apple.


Happy Tuesday! x




May you kick off this week in style

I have just returned from a very fun weekend skiing in Norway. It was desperately cold (-25C) and intensely sunny with scenery so breathtakingly beautiful it reduced us to silence on a daily basis. For anyone who’s never been, I can highly recommend it. But as we all know when it comes to skiing, sooner or later you end up at the after ski party where even the most responsible mother of two can end up dancing on tables. I can highly recommend that too. This post, therefore, is all about recharging your batteries and infusing your body with nutrients that may or may not have been lost in Scandinavia. What better way to do that than to bypass digestion altogether and indulge in some potent juicing this week.

The Green Swede Recharge Juice contains many vital minerals and nutrients including beetroot (protein, zink, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium plus plenty of vitamin A and C), ginger (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and a great digestion aid), lemon (anti-oxidant, vitamin C and an alkaliser once in the body) and carrots (vitamin A, B6, potassium, copper). It is an instant revitaliser that will recharge and help your body eliminate toxins whilst replacing lost nutrients.

The Immunity Booster Shot (taken from Anna Ottosson’s book ‘Halsodrycker) is an intense winter cold buster, packed with plenty of ginger, turmeric (potent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory whilst containing high levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium), orange (vitamin C), lemon and black pepper corns (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial). Drink this as spicy as you can take it until you start to feel re-energised and back to normal. A little goes a long way and the idea is that you drink a small amount (a shot) of concentrated ingredients that really hits the spot.

Why don’t you try one of the juices below in addition to or in place of your regular green juice. I hope you enjoy them. Happy Tuesday! x

Recharge Juice

1 Beetroot

2 Carrots

1 Lemon

2-3 cm Ginger root

Ginger and Turmeric Shot

2-3 cm Ginger root

2 cm Turmeric root

1 Lemon

1/2 – 1 Orange

8 Black Peppercorns

Juice all ingredients and drink immediately. X






Sweet potato and quinoa salad with chipotle dressing

If you’re like me, this time of year you’ll crave anything which does not remind you of festive foods. It is like your body is automatically programmed to detox. And this extends to drinking too. Green juice, herbal teas, plenty of filtered water and minimal alcohol is on my menu for the foreseeable future and it feels fantastic. Saying that, it is not always easy to find a wide enough variety of flavours when cooking green and healthy  – at times it can get a bit repetitive. Which is why I’m very excited about today’s recipe which is SO TASTY!! (more…)

Start fresh people!

imageHappy New Year to you all!

There is never a better time to introduce change into your life than January of a new year. The potency of starting fresh can add gravitas to any resolution you may have reached, big or small. Want to lose weight? Get fit? Change your eating habits? Ditch the negative friend? If you do it on the cusp of a new year you’ll find it far harder to break them than other resolutions simply because if you fail, you’ll have to wait a whole year until you reach another date with such magnitude. (more…)

Hot Ingo!


On a recent trip to Garmisch-Partenkirschen, the lovely Bavarian alpine town just south of Munich, we stumbled across a small and unassuming cafe slightly off the beaten track. The young Bavarian waitress wanted to know if we cared to try the local speciality, Heisse Ingo (hot ginger) which we certainly did. Apparently it’s a local favourite with ski bums and locals alike and it was obvious why that was so. (more…)

The gift that keeps on giving


If you are pondering what to give a loved one this Christmas then look no further than a Greenswede juice subscription. Cold pressed and organic vegetable juices are alkalising and filled with vital minerals and vitamins essential for our immune system and energy levels to reach optimum potential. The beauty of our cold pressed and organic juices is that we deliver directly to the front door of your chosen recipient which means they don’t have to juice themselves or even make it down the shops. Health, love and nutrition on the doorstep – what’s not to love?

Take a look at our online shop to find out more about our various juice combos and delivery post codes (currently SW14, SW13, TW09 and TW10) or contact us to find out how we can make your gift of juice come true in another area.

Weekly subscriptions start at £20 per week or and gift vouchers are available. For the person who has it all, this is a really loving way to ensure they get their five a day in an easy way. Much love x

Nutritious Red Winter Cocktail


If green juice is a step too far for you, fret not.  One of Green Swede’s weekly juice customers professed that the green juice he was receiving on a weekly basis was ‘an acquired taste’. This has not stopped him from drinking it – after all he knows it is incredibly healthy – but he is probably more excited with his slightly sweeter carrot/orange/apple/ginger combo that is  also part of his weekly juice order. And it is all good. (more…)